Siri Outage Reveals Not Success or Failure … But Loneliness

Siri Outage Reveals Not Success or Failure ... But Loneliness

Late last week one of the big features of the recently released iPhone 4S – Siri – suffered an outage, which was widely reported. Beyond that, there were those who took the outage to indicate either massive success … or massive failure on the part of Apple and the service.

But I see something different … loneliness.

If you look back to the very first few things people tested on the iPhone 4S with Siri, it was telling it they loved it. You can see it featured in this Gizmodo article from right after the launch.

And here are just a few ‘Siri … I Love You’ clips from YouTube:

Which brings me to one undeniable conclusion – when Siri went down, more than being a commentary about how either the massive success caused issues or that Apple failed to address potential data logjams, the reality is that millions were left alone without their dearest companion and love of their life.

So please Apple, make sure Siri doesn’t go down again. Don’t do it for Wall Street or cynical bloggers looking for any excuse to bash Apple … no, do it do that never again will you break the hearts of millions of Siri lovers who depend on her for their deep, daily interpersonal interactions.

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