Cdock Turns Your iPhone into a Fab Table or Bedside Clock

Cdock Turns Your iPhone into a Fab Table or Bedside Clock


We’ve all seen docks that allow you to set your iPhone up as a bedside clock, but this one takes the concept to such lengths that it is worth a mention: the Cdock keeps your iPhone 4 or 4S charged while holding it so that you can glance over to get the time instead of fumbling to pick it up from your bedside table. There are different styles available, and when you add the Gorgy Timing Atomic Clock app (or any other favorite iPhone clock app), you’ll have one beautifully functional setup. The only downside that I can see is you have to insert a nekkid iPhone. Is that a deal-breaker for you?

Cdock Turns Your iPhone into a Fab Table or Bedside Clock

Prices start at $55 for the glossy resin face version, then $65 for the brushed aluminum face, and $70 for the walnut face. Hmmm … I’m not sure which one is my favorite. =)

Cdock Turns Your iPhone into a Fab Table or Bedside Clock

The Cdock would make a fab gift for your favorite iPhone user (perhaps you?), and you can read more about them here.

November 9, 2011,  Portland, Oregon: It’s that time of year again- time to think about gifts for the holiday season. What do you give to the iPhone or tech lover in your life who has everything? Something no one else may yet have, and something that will be unique to each person, because no two are the same.

The stylish Cdock™, is the perfect gift to give the iPhone user in your life.  The Cdock, was created with the intention of solving the overnight drained battery blues (functional) and designed to enhance the already beautiful Apple iPhone aesthetic (cool).

Cdock is one of the only fully-enclosed docking stations that takes advantage of the iPhone’s built-in accelerometer cradling the iPhone in landscape (horizontal) mode.  The seamless iPhone clock dock is made of solid walnut, a modern face and a classic leg style making it like no other Apple iPhone docking station in the market.

The lightweight and durable Cdock is launching in four styles, ranging from $55 to $70, the beautifully made walnut body with your choice of Glossy Black or White Resin (above), Brushed A
luminium, or Elegant Walnut face (left).  The natural materials make each Cdock unique…no two are alike.   The perfect gift for your iPhone lover is now available at

The Cdock is designed and manufactured in Portland, Oregon and sold online at

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