Yoobao Power Bank 11,200 mAh Battery Review

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Welcome to another edition of “What’s Coming to CES 2012”. In our last episodes we visited with two PowerBags (I’ll carry the messenger and Kevin will carry the backpack) and Mission Workshop Sanction waterproof rucksack that Francis will bring along for the ride. The PowerBags will give us a total of 12,000mAh of device-charging goodness. That’s good… but it is not good enough. Thankfully we’ll have a few additional external batteries with us. One example, we will bring along this 11,200 mAh battery from Yoobao. Despite its relatively small size and weight, it is a beast in the energy department. And the lovely white makes it perfect for Judie to take along.

IMG 6375

Here’s a look…

IMG 6377

From Yoobao:

Weighs at only 8.9oz, Yoobao Sunrise packs 11,200 mAh battery in a small package, enough to charge your iPad/tablet, iPhone, mobile phones and more. Perfect for everyday use, longer trips and emergency situations.


Highest quality Li-Pol battery with capacity of 11,200mAh (iPad 2 battery is rated as ~7,500mAh)

Dual USB outputs to charger 2 devices at the same time

Give your smartphone up to 90 hours of extra talk, internet, and video time, so you can truly enjoy what your phone can offer

2.1A output to charge your iPad or tablet efficiently

Compatible with iPad 1/2, iPhone 4/4S, 3Gs/3G, and iPod touch

Compatible with all cell phones with micro USB connection, such as Blackberry, HTC, Samsung, Motorola, LG, etc.

Compatible with e-readers, such as Kindle, Nook, etc.

Compatible with gaming devices, such as Nintendo DS, Sony PSP, etc.

IMG 6379

As you can see, the battery comes with a number of different tips. This ensures that it is as universal as possible. In addition to a wall adapter and a cable for charging the battery the system includes tips for Sony PSP, Sony Ericsson, Samsung, Nokia, miniUSB, microUSB and, of course, Apple mobile devices. Last year this nice array of tips would have been important. This year I suspect the miniUSB, microUSB and Apple 30-pin adapter will be all that is needed. Yes, we’ve all become a bit boring with regard to what we actually carry day in and day out, but something tells me this won’t last for long. I’m not sure what new device will woo each of us, but I have no doubt there will be something.

IMG 6382


Input: DC 5V/1A

Output: USB1: DC 5V/1A; USB2: DC 5V/2.1A

Battery capacity: 11,200 mAh

Dimension: 5″ x 3″ x 0.92″ (127mm x 76mm x 23mm)

Weight: 8.9oz (250gram)

IMG 6380

As previously noted, this battery is a beast. It has a huge charge capacity and yet it is fairly compact and light. It is also simple to use. There is one button on the top that, when depressed, shows you how much charge is available and begins the flow of current.

IMG 6385

On one end you will see the microUSB charging port that will make sure the battery is up to a long, grueling day of use. To the left of it is a 1A USB port. This will charge your iPhone, iPod touch or other small mobile device. On the other side is the 2A USB port that is needed to recharge the iPad. This will be more important than ever this year since, thanks to updates to the WordPress iOS app and a fantastic watermarking app I recently found (that’s a separate post),the iPad will actually be a decent device for mobile blogging this year. This battery will help keep all of them charged!

IMG 6383

Sometimes it is the small details that make all the difference. In this case, the small lanyard attachment spot is one of those details that screams “We really thought this product through!!!” I can actually see this being useful for securing the battery to a handle so that it is easy to fish it out of an overstuffed bag.

IMG 6390

I mentioned previously that despite the huge capacity this battery is fairly small. Here you see it next to my iPhone. I wasn’t kidding.

IMG 6386

And, of course, the battery can be used as a flashlight. The first time I saw an external battery with this feature I was like “Why?” Then I actually started using it and discovered that it comes in rather handy. The light on this one is bright. That, combined with the capacity a fully charged Power Bank will offer would likely mean this light could be turned on at the start of CES 2012 and still be going when it comes time for CES 2013. (Okay not so much, but you get the point.)

The Yoobao Power Bank 11,200 mAh Battery is a huge battery in a small package. It is well made, feels quite sturdy, packs a punch and has pretty much all the tips you are going to need. It was $129.99 over on the Xengadget website but is now just $89.95. To my mind that is an excellent price.

You can check out the Power Bank and all of the other items Xengadget carries here on the eCommerce store.


What I Like: Huge capacity; As close to universal as you will find; Solid; Nice white color; Flashlight; Will charge the power-hungry iPad

What Needs Improvement: Nothing


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