Microsoft’s Claims of TellMe Being ‘Basically the Same as Siri’ Put to the Test

Microsoft's Claims of TellMe Being 'Basically the Same as Siri' Put to the Test

Sometimes there is no better way to demonstrate that what a company is saying is pure rubbish than by putting it to a simple test. Apple’s Siri was released to simultaneous cheers and yawns – cheers from those who use it and yawns from Microsoft and Google (and their fanboys) saying that they already have the same technology.

This week Microsoft made a big deal about how they already had a ‘Siri-like’ technology and all Apple had going for it was ‘good marketing’. This is very similar to what Google has said, and is the sort of thing that plays well to the faithful. But is it true? TechAU took a look:

As you can see, there is a reason why Microsoft and Google keep dismissing this type of technology by saying they “don’t believe your phone should be an assistant” – their products are inferior. Unless, of course, you want your browser search history filled with ‘teen anal’, that is.

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