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Libratone ZIPP MINI Is a Great-Sounding Reboot of One of My Favorite Speakers

The Libratone ZIPP was one of my all-time favorite speakers. It looked great, sounded amazing, and let you customize the look with exchangeable covers. With portable AirPlay it was as close to the perfect speaker for an iOS-user as you could find. Now Libratone has rebooted the ZIPP and they are offering the smaller, and less expensive, Libratone ZIPP MINI. The new Libratone line has a new look. It’s more curvy than before and has a zipper that runs around the circumference of the speaker, rather than running vertically as it did with the original. The ZIPP MINI has an…

Wellograph, the First Sapphire Crystal Wellness Watch Launches!

Most fitness watches share a common element – not GPS, or heart-rate, or step-tracking, or Bluetooth sync. They are pretty uniformly NOT fashion watches. They might work as ‘Geek Chic’, but no one will mistake them for a designer product. Wellograph hopes to change that, with the first wellness watch with a sapphire crystal display and a gorgeous design.

What eWallet Needs to Do to Stay on Our Devices

Judie and I were huge fans of eWallet from its earliest days, back when we used Palms; we synced the info on our Palms to the eWallet program on our desktop PCs. Later on we used eWallet on our Pocket PCs. Once the app became available for iOS, we loaded it onto our iPhones and eventually also on our Macs.

Evernote Tops 100 Million Users! #Evernote

Evernote just topped 100 million users; that’s pretty impressive. Even more impressive is the fact that those 100 million users can be found in any of 190 different countries. Taken together, the two numbers speak to the fact that the popular and powerful service meets a truly international need; this milestone reminded me that many of us were early subscribers.

INSTEON Connected Home System Gets Some Microsoft Love

I’m currently working on a review of the INSTEON Connected Home Control and Monitoring system. Simply put, I’m impressed and I think you will be too. This morning comes news that the company will be releasing Windows and Windows Phone Apps for the system. Moreover, INSTEON products will soon available in Microsoft Stores and at

First Impressions of the Lumia Black/GDR3 Update for the Nokia Lumia 928

I’ve overall been quite pleased with my Lumia 928 Windows Phone. In fact, almost all of my complaints are hardware and not software related (the screen is far too fragile, and the phone has some earpiece issues). What I like about the software is that it’s constantly improving, and the new Nokia Black/Microsoft GDR3 update brings some excellent new features!

Where Angels Cry from G5 Games is Now in Windows Store

I reviewed Where Angels Cry earlier this year for the iPad, as well as for the Mac and Kindle Fire. The game deftly integrated story, mystery and hidden objects all in one fun package that has you exploring a remote monastery to solve a murder. Now it is coming to Windows Phone and tablets on the Windows Store!

Virtual City Playground from G5 Games is Now on Windows Store

I have reviewed Virtual City Playground multiple times on different platforms and tracked major updates since the game was released. The game takes all of the best elements of Virtual City 1 & 2 and adds great new features and constant free updates. So what remains? A release for Windows Phone and tablets on the Windows Store! Virtual City Playground is a sim social that lets your imagination run wild so that you can look down at your wonderful metropolis and marvel at the wonders you’ve created. Please your inhabitants by providing them with tons of business opportunities and true-to-life…

The Eternal Optimism of Bing Weather

I have a few weather apps on my Lumia 928, but I’ve been keeping the Bing Weather app pinned to my launch screen because it looks the nicest. However, lately it has been all looks and no brain … either that, or it thinks if it doesn’t tell me how bad the weather is, I won’t notice the snow outside!

Star Wars: Tiny Death Star Puts You in Charge of an 8-Bit Death Star in this Tiny Tower Remake

Developer NimbleBit has teamed up with Disney and LucasArts to bring you Star Wars: Tiny Death Star, where you take the helm of the Death Star in order to build, develop, and prepare the planet-sized Death Star.  The gameplay is extremely similar to NimbleBit’s Tiny Tower.  It’s available for free on the App Store, Google Play, and Windows Store. You hire outer space “bitizens” in order to build the commercial and residential floors of the Death Star.  Like many freemium games, Star Wars: Tiny Death Star employs the use of premium currency that help speed up certain in-game actions.  On…

Google Voice Cuts Off Third Party Apps

Are you still using Google Voice? Better hope it’s an official Google Voice app, because third-party access is being yanked later this year. Most users won’t be affected, unless, of course, you use Windows Phone … then you will definitely lose Google Voice early next year!

G5 Entertainment Launches Special Enquiry Detail on Windows Store

I love the Special Enquiry Detail series and have reviewed both games on multiple platforms – and they are just solid experiences that do not diminish with time. Now the original Special Enquiry Detail game has launched on the Windows store for Windows 8.1 and RT for x86, x64 and ARM. The game is definitely worth checking out!

FL Studio Groove for Windows RT Announced

In a rather surprising move, music app maker FL Studio has launched a new app called ‘FL Studio Groove’ … and they launched it for Windows RT first! The app provides an easy interface for creating grooves and chaining them together to build songs. The app is on sale for $4.99, and will come to iOS and Android eventually. The folks at FL Studio made some other comments about the release, noting that it isn’t related to or compatible FL Studio Mobile, that there is no date yet for iOS or Android, and that Windows Phone is not planned. The…

Tapatalk Comes to Windows Phone!

Windows Phone is fast developing parity with other platforms, and while there’s a handful of top-tier names missing (cue the 10,000 “Instagram or bust” complaints), it is becoming easier to switch. Now that Tapatalk has hit Windows Phone, the platform can add one more in-demand service to its growing portfolio! If you’re a forums junkie, you probably know the name Tapatalk. For those who don’t, Tapatalk is a service that brings various discussion forums to mobile form via the Tapatalk app. You can see new posts, browse forums, answer private messages, etc, all from a phone-centric and comfortable interface. Tapatalk…

Scout Comes to Windows 8!

I love my Lumia, but I will be honest — Nokia’s HERE Maps and HERE Drive are not my favorites. They are perfectly fine, but they lack many bells and whistles. It was hard giving up Scout when I left the iPhone, and I am thrilled that Scout is coming to Windows Phone 8! For those who aren’t familiar, Scout is an amazing navigation service powered by Telenav. It helps you map your routes, find points of interest, and monitor multiple choices for the best traffic flow. It also offers additional features like traffic alerts, voice commands, and voice guidance…

Windows Phone and Gmail Finally Learn to Play Better

Thanks to the latest Windows Phone update, Windows Phone finally syncs properly with Gmail — bringing along all of your shared calendars and properly formatted emails. No more shredded MIME-reformatted emails! One of the common objections to Windows Phone is the lack of Google services integration. There are some obvious areas where there’s a large Google-shaped hole (the drama around the official/not official/official youtube app is an excellent example), but the biggest sticking point for me as a user of both has been the Gmail experience. However, the latest Windows Phone update has completely revamped how Gmail syncs with Windows Phone…

2Day Tasks App for Windows Phone Review

When I made the switch to Windows Phone, I had to start replacing my various “go-to” apps. Chief among them was a decent lightweight to-do manager. Something more robust than, say, “Reminders” on the iPhone, but it didn’t need to be a full-blown Getting Things Done organization system. I poked around, and noticed 2Day had a number of positive reviews. This has quickly become my favorite new productivity app; it is simple to use, with tons of customizable task options. Read on to learn more! 2Day follows the Windows Phone “Metro” interface, meaning you can swipe back and forth…

Battery for Windows Phone Review

I am having fun setting up my new Lumia 928, and part of that is getting to know new apps and settings. On my iPhone I had my battery percentage listed in the status bar, but that’s not an options in Windows Phone. Luckily, I stumbled across a great utility app, aptly called “Battery”, that provides a Live Tile of my percentage battery life left, plus a whole slew of other useful data settings and shortcuts!

G5 Entertainment Casual Games Land on the Windows 8 Store

G5 Entertainment is one of the premier casual game companies for iOS, and has made quite a splash on Android, Amazon Kindle Fire and Barnes & Noble Nook. Now they have launched two of their popular games – Supermarket Mania® 2 and Stand O’Food® 3 – on the Windows Store. This is just the start for G5, as they hope to expand their reach to what looks to be the ‘third mobile OS’ going forward. You can download the games from the Windows Store for free, and use an in-app purchase to unlock the full games for Stand O’Food® 3…