ZAGGsmartbud Review Redux

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Back in February of 2010 I reviewed the ZAGGsmartbuds. At the time, this was my conclusion

So are the ZAGGsmartbuds worth their $79.99 price? Absolutely. They are comfortable to wear for extended periods, sound very good and, thanks to the Hangin’ Tight system, have what is probably the best cable-management system I have used. At under $80 I would say that they are not only worth their price tag but that they are a good deal to boot!

The ZAGGsmartbuds have an MSRP of $79.99 and are available directly from ZAGG. And right now ZAGG is including a free dual USB car charger with purchases of over $40.

What I Like: Love the extra-long, tangle-free cord with the Hangin’ Tight system, Sound good, VERY comfortable, very good price for the comfort and sound

What Needs Improvement: Premium headphones should come with a better “storage system” than the cheesy bag that comes with them.

When ZAGG offered a superb Cyber Monday deal on the current ZAGGsmartbuds I went and ordered a new pair. No, my old pair haven’t broken. In fact they still sound great, but I wanted to see what, if anything, has changed in the past two years. So let’s take a new look…

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From ZAGG:

In-ear bliss. Combining the convenience and quality of digital music with top-of-the-line equipment, the clear, balanced sound of ZAGGsmartbuds let gadget lovers get the most out of their devices. The premium length, tangle-free cord features a tough polyurethane coating. ZAGGsmartbuds can be worn in a specific slider alignment called “Hangin’ Tight,” which keeps the buds around your neck, even when not in use.
ZAGGsmartbuds are multifunctional; including a microphone and in-line music control to easily switch between music and phone calls on almost all smartphones.


ZAGGsmartbud Features:

Built-in noise canceling mic

Answer and hang up calls

ZAGGsmartbuds music control for iPhone

Compatible with Siri Devices

Premium length, tangle-free cord

In-line volume control

Multiple sliders for better cord management

Rich, responsive sound from superior speakers

Multiple earbud adapters for all ear sizes

Compatible with almost all smartphones with 3.5mm jacks

45-day money-back guarantee

1 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty

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The current ZAGGsmartbuds look similar to the pair from two years ago although the microphone and volume controls have been redesigned. I don’t prefer the new style necessarily as I had no issue with the old version but I don’t have any issue with the change either. I do like that the call/hangup/Siri button is separate from the volume control.

I criticized the fact that the old pair came with a cheap bag for storage. The new ZAGGsmartbuds came with a very nice carrying case. Well done ZAGG!

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This is the noise canceling microphone. It works fine and the conversation is quite clear on both sides.


Frequency 30 hz to 16 Khz

Impedence 10 Ohms

Sensitivity 42dB +/- 3dB

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On the opposite side from the microphone is the call/hangup/Siri button. The company is advertising the Siri compatibility and even has simple video of Siri-use on the website.

ZAGGsmartbud Review Redux

I tried it a few times and it works just fine.

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The earbud design is the same as it was before. That’s a good thing since the angled earpiece allows for a comfortable fit that does not press on the ear when you lay on it the way some earbuds can. The ZAGGsmartbuds come with one noise-isolating insert on the buds and another pair of a different size in a plastic bag. There are also three different sizes of soft- inserts in the bag. This insures that you’ll be able to find the right fit and comfort for you.


10mm speakers

frequency response of 20hz to 20 Khz

impedence 16 Ohms

sensitivity 94dB +/- 3dB

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The ZAGGsmartbuds have a coated cable that doesn’t snag or tangle thanks to the fact that, shocker, it is made from InvisibleSHIELD material . It really is a create cable that, as my other pair have proven, take a beating and still work and look great. The buds also have a number of sliders that let you adjust the buds for the most comfort and best positioning of the microphone. The sliders make the headphones appear a bit “busy” at first but they really do the job.

In all, I like the ZAGGsmartbuds as much as ever and I love that they now come with a nice case. I also love the fact that the also now come with a lower $49.99 MSRP. That makes them a great deal for anyone looking for good headphones with an excellent inline microphone at under $50. Details and ordering can be found here.

MSRP: $49.99

What I Like: Love the extra-long, tangle-free cord with the Hangin’ Tight system, Sound good, VERY comfortable, very good price for the comfort and sound

What Needs Improvement: Nothing, they have a better price and a carrying case now. W00t!

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