MindJet Releases Mind Mapping Software for Android!

MindJet Releases Mind Mapping Software for Android!

We have written about Mindjet before, once when they introduced their iOS products, and more recently when they gave them a major update and made them free! Now we have the next step in the mobilization of the platform – Mindjet for Android.

From the Mindjet Blog:

With Mindjet for Android you can access your work anywhere to review your plans, update your research and expand on your ideas.

Like our iOS mobile apps, no data is ever lost as you move your map from platform to platform. At Mindjet, we’re creating a truly collaborative work management ecosystem across all platforms and devices – from PC and Mac through the web and of course on both iOS and Android devices so you can focus on getting work done and not have to worry about whether files or map content will be lost or garbled when opened on your mobile device.

Stocked full of features

Mindjet for Android is loaded with features such as easy topic creation, simple drag and drop interaction with map topics, zoom, and icons and markers including.

•Adding notes to topics for additional details and context.
•Tapping into the extensive icon library to flag topics, show progress and more.
•Easy export of maps as image or text files to share snapshots with a colleague.
•Keyboard shortcuts for those of you that own a device with a physical QWERTY keyboard Gesture shortcuts for others who prefer to use the touch screen

And best of all, Mindjet on Android is FREE! I love the iOS version, and it has replaced iThoughtsHD as my charting and brainstorming tool of choice.

Head to the Android Market and grab Mindjet now!

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  1. The problem I have with apps or applications that “mind map” is that the ones I have found are merely visual outliners. Everything still needs to be hierarchical. I am waiting for general purpose software that would approach a database programmer’s entity relationship diagrams (ERDs). In the screen shot, I can’t link the goal “improve customer perception” with the service “customer service” even though they are intimately connected in real life. Unfortunately, in a mind map they exist on different trees.

  2. I don’t know much about this one since it was bought by Mindjet rather than developed … but I know in their latest PC & Mac release you can have more multiple-dimension connections.

    But ultimately the mobile versions will always be more limited.  For me and how I use them it is perfect … but I can see in your case it would be too limited.

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