Random Cool Video: Fight for Chanukah Rights

Random Cool Video: Fight for Chanukah Rights

Having grown up in an area where my friends were equally likely to be Jewish or Christian, I had always simply accepted that everyone had their own religious holidays, traditions and celebrations. At my previous job in Massachusetts, I had a good friend who celebrated BOTH Christmas and Chanukah … which was due to her family accepting the dual pull of religion and materialism! Despite being a Christian myself, I firmly believe that pretending that the predominant thought at this time of year amongst Christians is religion, is just pretending. That doesn’t diminish the holiday we celebrate, it just reflects reality.

It has only been in recent years that I have discovered celebrating diversity of beliefs at the end of the year, or accepting that the commercial and material implications of Christmas was in and of itself a ‘War on Christmas’. I thought it was just being run over by the commercial juggernaut that has already swallowed Thanksgiving and has set its sights on Halloween …?

Anyway, enjoy this funny video from the group Six13!

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