Hookette with a Twist Purse Hook Review

Hookette with a Twist Purse Hook Review

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Over the past few years, I have fallen in love with higher-end leather goods, specifically pretty (and functional!) purses and bags.  I’ve always been a bit of a purse girl, but I eventually realized that buying one or two nice leather bags a year makes much more sense for me than buying a lot of bags that fall apart on me within 3 to 6 months of carrying them every day.  I started collecting Coach bags one Christmas when I got a particularly nice bonus from work, and it all slid downhill from there.  I have a modest collection now and I consider them an investment–I try to take good care of them so that they will last me for years to come.

One of the things I hate is carrying a bag to a restaurant or bar and having no place to put it.  If I am going to spend $200+ on a bag, why would I want to put it on the floor or set it on a gross-looking bar or tabletop?  Enter the Hookette With a Twist purse hook, which has become an always-carry item in my bag whenever I leave the house!

Hookette with a Twist Purse Hook Review

Judie reviewed the original Purse Hook back in 2007, so I was very pleased to get the opportunity to review the new Hookette With a Twist.  The Hookette With a Twist purse hook is a unique portable purse hook that folds flat into a nice little drawstring carrying case when it’s not in use, but swings out to hold your purse off the floor or bar using nothing more than the weight of the purse itself.  The flexible hinge of the Hookette features a 45 degree twist that allows you to use it on almost any 90 degree surface, even wider ones that the original Purse Hook might have had trouble with.  You simply place the handles of your purse over the hook, then balance the cushioned, non-slip base of hook on the surface of the table or bar, allowing the purse and hook to dangle free.  The Hookette holds up to 34 pounds of weight, which is amazing considering how small it is!

Hookette with a Twist Purse Hook Review

Hookette With a Twist, and my go-to small Coach clutch.  Surprise appearance by my cat and a bunch of dust!!

I have been able to use it almost every time we go out, unless the table was either too small to really allow for my bag to hang under it (I didn’t want to disturb my friends by having my bag practically in their laps!) or didn’t provide a good enough ledge to handle it, such as one of the bars we go to that has a padded ledge on the bar surface.  That’s great for resting your elbows on, but not so great for hanging your bag from!

The Hookette With a Twist is unobtrusive in even the smallest bag I carry, but it protects all my bags from damage and dirt that they can acquire by sitting on the floor or being placed on a dirty tabletop or sticky bar.  Now when I switch from one bag to another, the Hookette is just as necessary as my wallet.  It can even hold my heavy leather satchel, which is always crammed full of gadgets as well as all my necessities.  Guys, if you hate putting your gadget bag, man bag or briefcase on the floor when you’re out and about, you might consider the Hookette as an alternative.  It isn’t pink or girly–just handy to have!

The Hookette With a Twist is available from thepursehook.com for $23.99 and comes in a silver finish.  It includes an instruction card and green carrying satchel.

What I Like: Easy to use, fits in almost any bag, swivel in the hinge allows for use on more surfaces, holds up to 34 pounds

What I Don’t Like: Sometimes I can’t use it because the type of table or bar won’t allow space or surface to hang it on

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