Random Cool Video: ‘Just Friends’

Random Cool Video: 'Just Friends'

There have been loads of psychological and other studies related to the ability (or inability) of men and women to be ‘just friends’. This one has as part of its’ conclusion:

Of course platonic friendships are possible as these three example show but we all know they get complicated when physical attraction and lack of transparency comes into the picture. They also get complicated when people are in a committed relationship with someone else.

Most of the stuff I have read is pretty non-committal – platonic relationships CAN happen, but can also easily get messy if one person has feelings and the other doesn’t. Yeah … thanks for that.

This video is interesting in the way it tells the story – it takes place at a college library and therefore has a rather limited breadth of sampling … with a focus somewhat outside of the mainstream thought on relationships. I have little doubt that there was editing, but it is humorous in the thesis: all of the men they talked to said ‘no’, all of the women said ‘yes’. But when pressed, the women had some other thoughts, and the men expanded on theirs … until it all converged!

Check it out!

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