Pelican i1075 HardBack Case for iPad and iPad 2 Review

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Some reports suggest that the vast majority of iPads and other assorted tablets spend the majority of time at home. That may be the case for some, even many, iPads but it is certainly not true for mine. No, my iPad goes pretty much everywhere these days, and that means I need a good way to carry it. And when I am going on a trip I need a good way to protect the iPad AND carry some assorted accessories such as the charger, headphones and, at times, a wireless keyboard. That is why I was so curious about Pelican’s 1075 Hardback case for the iPad. It allows you to carry your iPad, Apple’s Bluetooth wireless keyboard and a number of other accessories while keeping them safe. (This IS Pelican after all and they are known for heavy-duty protection.)

The company even goes so far as to refer to the i1075 Hardback as a “portable office”. A case that turns your iPad into a portable office? That’s crazy-talk isn’t it? Well, perhaps not… read on.

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The Hype:

Protect your iPad or netbook from those heartbeat-skipping mishaps with the Pelican 1075 HardBack™ Case. Constructed of high strength ABS, the 1075 is dustproof, watertight, and crushproof. The easy open latch remains shut under pressure or after impact. A built-in automatic purge valve keeps water and dust out while balancing air pressure.

Choose the i1075 model for the iPad®, iPad2® or iPad2® with Smart Cover. Equipped with a molded liner that adds impact shock protection and will not scratch your tablet. Also included is an integrated easel for hands-free viewing in horizontal or vertical position. Storage is also provided underneath the keyboard for an adapter, cables, and earbuds – your office on the go!

For netbook protection, choose the 1075CC with a shock absorbing liner or the 1075 that comes with the customizable Pick N Pluck™ foam.

Pelican 1075 & i1075: Built in the USA and backed by our legendary lifetime guarantee.

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The Reality:

The Pelican i1075 HardBack case means serious business. It is black. It is heavy. It completely protects the contents stowed in it. It is heavy. It comes with a removable shoulder strap. Did I mention, it is heavy?!?

The quality of the design that went into the case is superb. The inserts that hold the iPad, keyboard and accessories in place are precise. Even when you are seeing the case for the first time it is abundantly clear what goes where. The keyboard compartment screams out “Put a keyboard here- fast!!!”. The wall adapter spot yell, “Charger here please!” And the iPad sits right on top safely cushioned at all corners and on the top and bottom. In fact, when the top is closed on the entire setup EVERYTHING is held completely in place with no room for movement.

The execution of the construction is also superb. All of the pieces fit together with precision. The locking mechanism is secure and there is no doubt you can trust it to keep the contents safely inside. And the shoulder straps attach to the case through slots that are actually part of the case so there is no question they will remain secure. I do, however, wish there was a handle so you could hold the case like a briefcase.


More details from Pelican:

Cushion Insert: Unique molded liner protects from impact shock yet won’t scratch iPad®.

Integrated Easel: Optimizes hands free viewing angles in horizontal or vertical positions.

Accessory Storage: Power cords and earbuds stow below keyboard.

Removable Shoulder Strap: Included on all 1075 HardBacks

Automatic Purge Valve: Keeps water and dust out while balancing air pressure.

Watertight Gasket: Tight seal created when case is shut.


All of this is good and well, but let’s return to Pelican’s claim that the “i1075 HardBack™ Case can be used as a portable office.”

Can it or can’t it? Yes, it can!

The case has an ingenious slot toward the back that props the iPad up at a nice viewing angle. This also exposes the Apple Bluetooth keyboard that is inside and allows you to type on it without having to remove the keyboard.


In other words, you open the case, pull out the iPad, place it into the case at an angle and… start typing. Bam! Just like that you have an instant mobile office.


The i1075 HardBack case protects your iPad and keyboard from bumps, bruises and it is even waterproof. In all, it is one serious iPad accessory. Yes, it is a bit heavy. And yes, I would love a briefcase-style handle. And yes, as one reader commented when we first brought word of the i1075 HardBack, for many people it will be overkill. But if you travel with your iPad and need to get some serious work done it is a fantastic way to not only carry and protect the device but to make it even more productive. Details can be found here.

MSRP: $84.95 but it is just $69.95  in our New Gear Daily Amazon Store. [affiliate link]

What I Like: Amazing protection; Carries everything you need for iPad productivity on the go; Water and rustproof

What Needs Improvement: A bit heavy; No grab handle; May be overkill for many users

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  1. Depending on how heavy it is, the Pelican case could potentially waylay would-be iPad thieves…a good swing with that case an POW! you might knock them off their feet. 😉

  2. I hear you on the no handle but you can easily add a short length of military para cord tied off to each of the shoulder strap loops on the case in addition to the should strap still installed.  I know this make it easier to move the case around when off the shoulder.  Black cord would be intrusive looking and blend in well with the case… if you wanted a little bit more of a contour grip just take about 4″ of clear vinyl tubing or hose and slide it over the para cord and place it in the middle of the para cord now you have a better grip handle and durable enough to last a long time….   

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