The Trikke Is Cooler Than a Segway


I admit I am totally fascinated by the trend of mashing up bikes with unrelated exercise equipment. I thought the Elliptigo was cool (and the only one I could see someone using in public) until I learned about the Trikke.

What’s the Trikke, you ask? It is an electric vehicle that looks sort of like skis on wheels with handlebars. Like a tricycle meets the ski team. According to the company, it is foldable, lightweight, and offers a “full body workout”. It looks incredibly fun, and the company even sells accessories like cargo nets to make running errands on the go super easy! They start at $1299, not cheap, but in-line with a high-end regular bike.

Check out the YouTube below, and let us know in the comments if you’d brave city streets to try one of these (I totally would!)

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4 Comments on "The Trikke Is Cooler Than a Segway"

  1. The trikke is an amazing “get fit and have fun” machine. I have lost 30 lbs. since I’ve been riding mine. I even found a group to ride with. The workouts are awesome! forget the gym, I’d rather be outdoors. It’s better than running because there’s no impact to your joints. And for me, It’s better than biking because I don’t have to deal with that uncomfortable seat. It’s well worth the effort to learn how it works. believe me! you won’t stop smilin’!

  2. I commute 5 miles to work (one way) every day on one of those and not only is it the high point of my day, it save me $40 or $50 a week in gas using it for commute and store runs.

  3. I riding trikke more than 10 years !

    been on a Trikke since 2003; the HPV Trikkes have gotten me into
    better shape well into my 60’s with little impact on my aging joints,
    and they are still FUN! The new electric Tribred Trikkes have
    extended my ‘range’ and are great for daily ‘gas-less’ chores. They even have a model, the SKKI, which is safer and easier to learn than regular skiing or snowboarding. I go to the mountains every year now! I’ll
    be a Trikke rider for the rest of my life. ~~~~~>}

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