The Trikke Is Cooler Than a Segway

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The Trikke Is Cooler Than a Segway Listen to this article


I admit I am totally fascinated by the trend of mashing up bikes with unrelated exercise equipment. I thought the Elliptigo was cool (and the only one I could see someone using in public) until I learned about the Trikke.

What’s the Trikke, you ask? It is an electric vehicle that looks sort of like skis on wheels with handlebars. Like a tricycle meets the ski team. According to the company, it is foldable, lightweight, and offers a “full body workout”. It looks incredibly fun, and the company even sells accessories like cargo nets to make running errands on the go super easy! They start at $1299, not cheap, but in-line with a high-end regular bike.

Check out the YouTube below, and let us know in the comments if you’d brave city streets to try one of these (I totally would!)

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