Gear VS Gear: The JawBone JamBox Faces Off Against the Spar Zephyr 300

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The JawBone JamBox is one impressive device. It is a Bluetooth speaker, a speakerphone and one of the best gadgets of 2011! At $199 it isn’t inexpensive but it is a quality device that is well worth the money.

Spar’s Zephyr line of speakers looks to step into the fray with the JamBox and one up it by including a backup battery that can charge your device on the go.


They even got Wired to run a piece entitled “Like a JamBox, Only More Generous” despite the author never having heard one.

So how do the Zephyr’s (which cost between $100 and $150) stand up against the $200 JamBox? It is difficult to compare since the entire line is currently sold out and won’t be available again until spring but we can since I purchased one of the $100 Zephyr 300s.

Let’s take a look in this episode of… Gear VS Gear.

So there you have it. The $100 Zephyr 300 is decent but not great. The JamBox is… did I happen to mention it is one of the top new gadgets of 2011? AND, unlike the Zephyr it is available now.

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