UPDATED: Rokform Sport v3 Cases Want a New iPhone 6, Too

Whether you stayed up into the wee hours of the morning to order your new iPhone 6, or you plan on being one of the first in line when they hit stores tomorrow, have you thought about accessories yet? Rokform is ready with its updated line of cases, armbands and docks, including the Sport v3 model with Rokform Mounting System.

Rokform Sport v3 iPhone6 cases/Image by Author

A short while back we reviewed a pair of Rokform Fuzion cases, and with the launch of the new iP6 by Apple Rokform sent a couple of Sport v3 cases ahead of the new phone launch. The Sport v3 cases feature six-sided protection for your new device thanks to a shock absorbing inner liner covered by tough polycarbonate outer shell.

The new cases offer flexible mounting options with a removable centerpiece in the rear of the case that allows for Rokform’s signature magnet mount or the new RMS system to greatly expand mounting options. Each case comes with a Car Dash Mount and Rokform offers them in assorted colors.

One of the first things I noticed on the new case (other than the obvious size increase) is the position of the power button, now moved to the side of the device opposite the volume buttons (yeah, just like the Galaxy devices). I appreciate the option of removing the magnet from the case for anyone (like me) worried about potential problems from the magnetic field and sensitive materials near it but Rokform assures me extensive testing has been done and the cases pose no problems to magnetic data.


The new Sport v3 cases for the iPhone6 are priced from $39 and are available now.

I do not have (and will not have tomorrow) a new iPhone 6 to put the Sport case through its paces, so I cannot provide a full rundown of the Rokform unit, but given my experience with the Fuzion line and my ancient iPhone 5, I expect the Sport v3 cases to work very well and offer as much protection for those of you who will have a new iPhone in your hands this time tomorrow.

Check out all the new Rokform accessories at: www.Rokform.com (and yes, they do make cases, etc. for Galaxy phones).

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UPDATE: I broke down and walked into my local Verizon Wireless provider store the morning the iPhone 6 went on sale in retail outlets and was shocked to learn they had numerous units available a couple of hours after the doors opened. Long story short, I walk out with a space gray 64gb iPhone 6. And, since I already had a new Rokform Sport v3 case in hand I was ready to test my new phone in the aforementioned case.


Installation was a snap with the one-piece Rokform case. As I will not be using the RMS system I left the magnet blank in the back of the phone case (albeit I did remove the small magnet as a personal preference and to keep the larger phone lighter in my pocket and hands. I chose the orange and charcoal gray case for my phone over the black unit (of the two sent to me by Rokform). The case on my iPhone 5 was all black and I decided I needed a change, not too mention the fact the grandbaby now plays on the Longhorns b-ball team so yeah, orange it is.


I am still adjusting to the move of the phone’s power button to the side of the unit (a la Galaxy) but in the Rokform Sport v3 case it works fine. Plenty of room for the camera lens and light on the rear of the case (very important as I will use this device quite a bit for photography) and knockouts along the bottom line up perfectly and allow plenty of room for lightning cable, headphones, speaker, etc. Another minor little thing is I like how deep the recess is around the rear camera lens so I don’t accidentally smudge it.


My thumbs are getting a bit more of a workout as the slightly larger screen has me reaching a bit more when typing or accessing apps but the case feels good in hand and does not slide around on flat, smooth surfaces thanks to some friction points on front and back. Overall the Rokform Sport v3 case is working perfectly, as expected, and perhaps it is fitting that my first photograph taken using my iPhone 6 in the new case was at the ballpark.

Play Ball! (Images by David Goodspeed)

Play Ball! (Images by David Goodspeed)

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