Case-Mate Textured Tuxedo Case for the New iPad

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I’ve always liked to take a minimalist approach to protecting my devices. Bulky cases just aren’t for me on a daily basis, although there are times when I welcome having something like the LifeProof iPhone case. At the same time, I don’t like using my devices in a naked state. You never know what is going to happen and, since I tend to sell my phones and tablets to prepare for the next generation, keeping my devices scratch-free translates into extra money at sale time.

In the case of the Textured Tuxedo Case for the New iPad, Case-Mate has found a way to protect the tablet, provide a stand AND keep everything as thin and light as possible. It is a rather amazing achievement that reflects the company’s design sensitivities and years of experience.

From Case-Mate:

Stick with distinction. The Tuxedo cover for the new iPad combines standout colors and an innovative adhesive component for a textured case that makes a lasting impression.

The ultra-slim, portfolio style case makes for an effortless, on-the-go look. Crafted from an Italian, soft-touch textured material, the striking colors and distinct folds prove style can also be functional. Inside is a highly durable, brushed microfiber lining that protects and cleans the iPad screen.

The Tuxedo’s sophisticated design includes smart magnets that put the new iPad to sleep while not in use and awakens the device upon opening. Doubling as a stand with multiple viewing angles, the case easily flips and bends with its multiple foldable segments. Attach the iPad to the Tuxedo case with the built-in and reusable Magic Tape ™, an innovative, double-sided adhesive that doesn’t leave any residue.

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Ultra-slim case for the new iPad with smart magnet technology

Magic Tape ™ adhesive securely holds your new iPad in place

Crafted from a soft-touch, textured material and a brushed microfiber interior

Available in textured black, grey, pink, turquoise and orange

Compatible with the 3rd Generation iPad (March 2012 release)

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It’s hard to believe there is a folio case on my new iPad isn’t it? It IS there but, thanks to the “Magic Tape” the Textured Tuxedo doesn’t need clips, straps or any other kind of mechanical method for securing the iPad in place.

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That means when you fold the case back there is nothing between you and the tablet except air… and fingerprints.

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It is all because of this rectangular adhesive slab which comes secured to the case and that grabs the back of the iPad in a manner that feels more than secure enough. I will admit that I had some concerns about the adhesive losing its stickiness if the iPad was removed and replaced more than once, but I found no loss of grip after doing just that a dozen or so times. That does not mean it won’t happen over time however, and I would recommend not removing the iPad more than is necessary once it is secured in place.

I should also note that it took me a few tries before I had the iPad lined up with the edges of the case to my liking. It wasn’t that the iPad was totally skewed in relation to the case, but it was a bit off the first few times, and that bugged the hell out of me.

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The result is a case that wraps around the iPad in as thin and light manner as possible.

IMG 7787

Here’s another look.

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The Case-Mate Textured Tuxedo Case for the New iPad may be thin and light, but that doesn’t mean it can’t have a few extra tricks up its tuxedo sleeves. The Case-Mate Textured Tuxedo Case for the New iPad doubles as a stand in the same way many other folio-style cases can. As Case-Mate puts it, “Doubling as a stand with multiple viewing angles, the case easily flips and bends with its multiple foldable segments.” That’s a pretty neat trick, especially in light of the barely-there nature of the case.

And there’s more. The case has built-in magnets that offer the sleep/awake functionality that is so convenient on both the iPad 2 and the new iPad.

The Ultra slim Tuxedo case for the new iPad iPad 3 | Case mate

Finally there is the look and feel of the case itself. The material looks classy, and it has a finished appearance which says “high-end case”. And as the name suggests, the material is slightly textured in a manner that feel quite good when you are holding it. That is important when you consider the fact that this thin, light case costs $60.

In all I am rather impressed by the Textured Tuxedo Case for the New iPad. It protects the iPad from bumps and scratches, lets you keep a convenient stand with you at all times, and it feels great when you are holding it. It is available in black, turquoise blue, grey, hot pink and orange. The review sample is turquoise blue. Why? Because Judie liked that color, and the review sample is on its way to Texas. Personally, I would have gone with black or grey. Yeah, I’m boring. 🙂

You can learn more and order your own here on the product page.

MSRP: $60.00

What I Like: Thin and light; Feels great; Has a built-in stand; Magnets for automatic sleep/awake functionality

What Needs Improvement: I worry about the Magic Tape maintaining its grip over the long haul; Took a few attempts to get the iPad to line up properly with the case

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  1. Nice review, I just ordered one of these cases today in orange. To be honest I’m skeptical of the “Magic Tape” and it’s long term effectiveness. Heat, humidity, dirt, etc. If the sticky pad wears out or becomes ineffective in certain climates it will be pretty much useless. I assume Case-Mate doesn’t guarantee any issues down the road with the adhesive. I think if the sticky pad stays “magical” for at least 2 years I’ll be pleased. I guess we’ll have to see! 
    Hopefully I’ll have mine in the next few days and I’ll let you know what I think. 

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