Do You Really Need to Missspel Your Product Name to Get Attention??


The other day Carly wrote a post about the lack of professionalism when using Text-spelling for business communication. It is a good post and one worth reading. (Find it here.)

Here’s a related pet-peeve… companies intentionally misspelling words in order to be unique, cool or grab attention. Seriously, there are ways to spell things and…

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…there are ways not to spell things. I just finished a review of the Joy Factory’s Klick Desk Stand. It is a nice product but my spellcheck is pretty much hating the company right now.


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  1. Somehow Apple survived despite spelling their computer “Macintosh” rather than the spelling of the fruit variety McIntosh. Or their tablet “iPad”, which I am sure was not in a computer dictionary prior to its release.

    I think that companies often spell their products creatively only to allow the ability to trademark the name.

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