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The other day we reviewed Sena’s gorgeous Hampton Wallet for the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S. The case completely protects the iPhone and doubles as a highly functional wallet with three card slots and an additional space behind them for stowing receipts or a few dollars. In day-to-day use, however, the case can be a tiny bit cumbersome since it requires you to unsnap the cover to access the screen. It also can be challenging to use the iPhone with one hand. That doesn’t mean it isn’t an awesome case. It IS but it might not be the right case for you. If you can deal with something a bit simpler and don’t want the screen covered, Sena’s WalletSlim for iPhone 4S might be the ticket. This open-faced case gives you two card slots and doesn’t interfere with trying to use the iPhone with a single hand. Here’s a brief video look…

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From Sena:

The WalletSlim combines your iPhone 4S with a slim premium leather wallet. This form-fitting case is composed of ultra-thin premium leather providing a soft layer of skin to gently protect your iPhone 4S. It is similar to our LeatherSkin case with an additional wallet feature. Offered in various solid colors in classic leather and in croco leather, the WalletSlim is perfect for a slim curve-hugging leather design while adding the convenience of a wallet. The secure snap closure provides a snug fit to your iPhone 4S. Its rigid protective layer reinforces additional backbone support for durability. It is individually handcrafted from the finest Italian Napa leather with Sena’s well-known quality and strong attention to detail. The WalletSlim is a perfect solution for the individual who likes the form-fitting design of the LeatherSkin while combining the benefit of a premium leather wallet.



Hand-crafted from the finest quality full grain, Italian leather

Slim curve-hugging leather design

Doubles as a 2 pocket wallet

Soft velvet lining with light protective layer

Cutouts for play-thru functionality

Proximity sensor opening

Charge/sync port opening

Camera lens/flash opening

Secure snap closure

Easy device access

Use iPhone 4S while in case

Sena craftsmanship and quality

Video Review:

Because there is nothing covering the screen of the iPhone, the WalletSlim solves one of the main issues I am finding with the Hampton Wallet. At the same time, however, it doesn’t protect the screen. If you need complete protection and want a wallet-case the Hampton Wallet may still be the way to go for you. If, on the other hand, you want something that is just about as simple as you are going to find AND you want to carry two or three cards with you this case is worth serious consideration. Because it comes from Sena you know it is going to last a long time. And because it is leather you know it will wear in and get softer the more you use it. You can find details and order the case here on the Sena website.


MSRP: $44.95

What I Like: Protects the iPhone’s sides and back while leaving the screen fully accessible; Two slots would work well for carrying a license and one or two credit cards; Sena quality

What Needs Improvement: Limited in storage capacity; Leather around the iPhone’s screen will take time to wear in

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