The Incipio Stowaway for iPhone 4 and 4S Review

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While questions remain about the security of Google Wallet (can you say “hackable??” I knew you could!!), the search for the perfect “iPhone case as wallet” continues. We’ve looked at a number of them and all had their positive attributes. Sadly, all were also hampered by some significant flaws. Has the Incipio Stowaway made the right design decisions? Is this the perfect everyday iPhone case as wallet? Let’s take a closer look.

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From Incipio:

Comprised of an impact resistant polycarbonate shell and shock absorbing silicone core, the Stowaway™ for iPhone 4 4S combines a wallet and protective carrying solution. The convenient Stowaway™ is ideal for when you want just your essentials secure and at hand.

Who needs the bulk of a wallet when you have the Stowaway™? Featuring a slim and secure back compartment, the Stowaway™ for iPhone 4 4S is ideal for carrying credit cards, ID and cash. The snug snap closure ensures that your belongings will remain secure.

The Stowaway™ for iPhone 4 4S covers the back and front edges of your device while full screen access remains for complete viewing experience, Charge your device with ease through the open charge port while your device remains secure from scratches and dents!

Take the perfect shot without the need to adjust or remove your case. A custom cutout allows for full access to the 8MP camera and flash on the backside of the iPhone 4 4S.

The compartment door doubles as a built-in retractable stand for hands-free viewing and stable typing positioning when personal effects are removed from the pocket.

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The Stowaway for iPhone 4 4S comes with the exterior shell, the interior silicon case and an “Incipio Vanity Kit” which includes one surface protector, applicator card, and cleaning cloth. I really appreciate it when a company includes these little extras… especially when the case is under $35!

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The interior silicone case does what you might expect from a soft silicon case. It wraps around the iPhone and gives it a good degree of protection from the harsh realities of life. It covers the entire back, the sides and top as well as the bottom. It also rises above the screen just enough to provide some significant lay-on-the-table protection with little to no loss in access to the screen.

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The hard external shell fits tightly over the soft silicone and, together, they make a great system for protecting the device. You may find yourself fighting to get the two seated perfectly but you will get there… eventually. Surprisingly, the two layers don’t add all that much to the width and length of the iPhone.

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I just wish I could say the same thing about the depth. Because this is an iPhone wallet-case the Stowaway is a bit on the thick side. It feels a bit like a brick. and while this would not have been an issue a short time ago, the iPhone 4 and 4S fall so nicely into the “iPhone as jewelry” category that the extra bulk is a major bummer. That noted, since it means you won’t have to carry a wallet the added thickness may be worth it. Seriously… you need to decide what really matters. Is it function first or form because… you ain’t getting both. Sorry. Deal with it!

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Here’s a shot from the top of the iPhone. As you can see this is pretty much what you expect from Incipio  the case is well made, the pieces fit together perfectly, and the design is intended to ADD to the usability of the phone on the go. (All this despite the case feeling a bit brickish.)

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And here is the super-not-so-secret wallet compartment. No, you aren’t going to be able to carry more than a license and a credit card or two but in the era of eEverything you can just put the remaining numbers into eWallet and call it a day!!

More importantly, the door to the card compartment is well made and clicks closed. That’s important since you don’t want it accidentally opening and dumping the contents on the sidewalk.

Here’s a video look at the case.

The Incipio Stowaway for iPhone 4 and 4S is available directly from Incipio and can be ordered here.

MSRP: $34.99

What I Like: Well made; Lay on the table protection; Good protection overall; Lets you leave your wallet at home

What Needs Improvement: A bit on the bulky side thanks to the added depth

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