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December 27, 2011 • Gear Bits

The Place Where Even Siri Fears to Tread

For Christmas Eve every year, Sarah and I head to her family’s get-together. It’s a good time with her siblings, aunt and uncle, and various cousins and nieces and nephews making an appearance. I got into a conversation with my sister-in-law about Siri and my iPhone, and I did a few demos for her showing how useful Siri was at managing my calendar, creating tasks, transcribing spoken messages, etc. I also showed off the sillier uses for Siri, including the funny questions like “What are you wearing” and “What’s the best smartphone”.

At dinner, she encouraged me to show everyone what Siri could do, and we went through the usual litany of demos. For the record, Siri has taken to answering “What are you wearing” with “You have the wrong personal assistant, Carly”, and she will not marry me (apparently we need to remain friends-only.) I also showed off that she could do simple math like calculating a tip in a restaurant, as well as pull up the weather and Googling items for you.

Then Sarah’s 12-year old niece piped up with a question. Not just any question, but THE question if you’re a 12-year old girl. It’s so controversial and polarizing that it has torn apart friendships and brought portions of the internet to its knees. And Siri is so afraid of it she refused to answer. See for yourself:

Yes, even Siri fears the Twihards! Or maybe she secretly agrees with me and is Team Buffy!

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