OtterBox Defender and Symmetry Smartphone Cases Protect Your Big Investment

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I never thought I would pay one large for a cellphone – ever. Damn you Apple, but that is exactly what I did around the time we turned the calendars to the new year. So to protect my investment there was one name at the top of my list in cases – OtterBox.

OtterBox Defender and Symmetry Smartphone Cases Protect Your Big Investment

OtterBox Defender and Symmetry cases

OtterBox has garnered a reputation for itself for as long as Apple has been making iPhones. It is the No. 1 best-selling smartphone case in the U.S. and using one will make you a believer. Recently I received the latest models in the Defender and Symmetry series and I like each equally well for the unique features offered.

OtterBox Defender and Symmetry Smartphone Cases Protect Your Big Investment

Defender Series
This is the big daddy of smartphone cases, the Defender. This is the phone case carried by active duty emergency personnel and I am sure military as well. First responders rely on the durability of their equipment and the OtterBox Defender answers the call. It is very rugged protection for your investment that still allows easy use of all aspects of your smartphone.

The OtterBox Defender consists of an outer rubber cover and a two-piece composite shell that snaps around your phone. It took me only a couple of minutes to put it all together and that was without looking at any instructions. The unit comes with a belt holster but I carry my iPhone X in the Defender case in my front pocket with no problems. If there were one thing about this case that I dislike it would be the protective cover over the lighting outlet on the bottom. I struggled at night to plug my phone in to charge and one night I ripped off that cover to modify Defender to my personal liking.

OtterBox Defender and Symmetry Smartphone Cases Protect Your Big Investment

“OtterBox is proud to be the only case company that’s protected every single iPhone,” said OtterBox CEO Jim Parke. “While other products have come and gone, OtterBox has stood the tests of time and protected every single generation of iPhone, so you can count on us to keep iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, and iPhone X safe from the hazards that life throws your way.”

The Defender is tested to OtterBox’ Drop+ Protection certification as well as guarding against bumps, scratches, and dings. This Defender Series case is the screenless edition, but I had already purchased a screen protector for my phone. This case is priced at $49.95 and is available in original black or one of five other color combinations.

OtterBox Defender and Symmetry Smartphone Cases Protect Your Big Investment

Symmetry Series
Symmetry is the new line of cases for smartphones from OtterBox and they offer a wide variety of styles and colors. As luck would have it, my review case arrived with as much style and fashion sense as I have – it is crystal clear, or Transparent. Such is life and this is probably the exact design I would have chosen were I selecting a Symmetry case. Heck, I paid a fortune for the phone so why not show the damn thing off, right?

The Symmetry case is more than just fashionable, it provides the type protection OtterBox has become famous for while offering features users demand. I like the slim features of the case and it goes in and out of my pocket with ease. The Symmetry Series cases feature one-piece design with synthetic rubber and polycarbonate materials. They are scratch-resistant and feature a raised, beveled rubber ring around the face edge for extra protection and so the phone will not slide around easily when laid down.

OtterBox Defender and Symmetry Smartphone Cases Protect Your Big Investment

“These days, a phone case does more than just protect your phone from everyday drops,” said Erika Johnson, OtterBox graphic designer/trends specialist. “It is an extension of our personality and style. It is the one accessory that we carry everywhere, so it should be the one that represents who we are the most. At OtterBox, we work all year to perfect our cases so that they really show the world who you are and what your personal style is, without forgetting about those everyday drops that still happen even when you look your best.”

The new Symmetry Series and Symmetry Clear Series phone cases range in price from $39.95 to $54.95.

OtterBox Defender and Symmetry Smartphone Cases Protect Your Big Investment

More information can be found here.

Source: Manufacturer supplied review sample

What I Like: Rugged yet stylish design, ease of installation and use, reasonable pricing.

What Needs Improvement: I did rip off the rubber cover on the Defender case so…

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