Walking the Dinosaur at School!


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Walking the Dinosaur at School!

My school was never this cool!

Take a look at what happened when a T-Rex (driven by its fantastic puppet-master) arrived at a Sydney, Australia school. The looks on the kids’ faces when the dino roars at them are priceless … but what’s really cool is how it takes a moment to realize how the puppeteer is working the puppet, but even then — the T-Rex is so lifelike, you can easily forget it’s not some kind of digitalized movie extra.

JWZ via Boing Boing

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  1. Thank you! “@JanetGS: @Hil121 Saw this video of amazing dinosaur puppet in Sydney and immediately thought of you. http://t.co/gsfbWGs”

  2. @Hil121 thanks for posting the amazing dinosaur puppet in Sydney … amazing children's screams, of fear and delight http://t.co/gsfbWGs”

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