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December 29, 2011 • Gear Bits, Yum Log

foursquare: It’s Not All Fun and Games

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I’m a big fan of foursquare and check in often enough that family members will remind me if I don’t do it quickly enough. After months with no mayorships, except a brief period I was major of a tram station in Las Vegas during CES 2010, I have finally become the major at a number of our local favorites.

This evening we decided to grab a bite at Chili Willie’s, a family-run mexican restaurant in town. (I’m not yet mayor there.)

Photo 3

When we sat down Elana was momentarily ticked at herself. It seems she had a $10 off coupon for dinner but left it at home. “Oh well, next time.” I said but then a short time later I checked in and this popped up:

Photo 1

Yup, thanks to a promotion with foursquare and American Express I could get a $10 credit on my Amex account just for checking in and paying for the meal with my card. Dinner was delicious…

Photo 3

…so was saving the money. foursquare is a lot of fun but it can also help save money. Here’s hoping for some nice foursquare specials in Las Vegas next month!

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