Evernote Essentials Extra: Car Parts

Evernote Essentials Extra: Car Parts

So you got a new phone, tablet or computer and you are ready to get to work. You will want to check out Evernote. Evernote will let you save pictures, documents and other forms of information in a single place and then access them from virtually any and all devices. And if you are going to use Evernote you are going to want to check out Brett Kelly’s Evernote Essentials: The Definitive Getting Started Guide for Evernote. Evernote Essentials is a PDF book with some great tips that will get you up and running with Evernote in no time. As Brett explains:

The amount of information we want and need to keep track of today is, frankly, ridiculous. Not long ago, my desk was covered with piles of financial statements, medical records, automotive service receipts — and that didn’t even include everything dealing with my job. We all struggle to keep our information organized and accessible, but without the right tool for the job, it can seem impossible. Thankfully, a tool like Evernote excels at doing exactly that — it’s a single place to organize everything that’s important to you. The tricky part is learning how best to use it so that all of those bits of information are a few clicks away when you need them.

We reached out to Brett and asked him to share a few additional tips that aren’t in the book. We posted the first two last week and now we are back with the third.

Car Parts: Snap photos of replacement car parts the day you install them: When you get new brake pads or tires or whatever, note the model numbers and any other identifying information about the products as well as when they were last replaced. This way, you know how long it’s been since the repair was made and what specific parts were used.

This certainly isn’t something I would have thought of doing. Then again, just yesterday I did something similar when I snapped a picture of a newspaper article with my iPhone rather than make a photocopy of it so it actually makes a lot of sense.

Evernote Essentials is a must for new Evernote users and has something to teach those who are more seasoned too.

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