Legend of Grimrock 2 Mac Beta Now Available for Owners on Steam!

Last month when I wrote about the iPad Legend of Grimrock footage and the upcoming Mac beta I forgot to ever check back. Now the beta is out and available for anyone who owns a copy of the PC game on Steam! I have had a bit to check it out, and it is awesome, here is some info!

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How I discovered it was simply by looking through my Steam listing for Mac games to play – I was downloading Civilization IV after Aspyr updated it to work with Yosemite – and came across Legend of Grimrock 2 in the list. Trying to install pretended to succeed, but it gave a 0 sized download and wouldn’t run. Checking the official forums this is what I found:

Once you have the game in your Steam library, do the following to opt-in to the beta:

1) Right-click on Legend of Grimrock 2 in your Steam client on a Mac and choose Properties from the menu. If Legend of Grimrock 2 is not shown in your games library, choose “Games” from the drop-down above the library view to display all your games, not just your Mac games.

2) Choose “mac_beta2? from the betas dropdown and click Ok.

3) The game should now download.

If you have problems downloading the game, restarting the Steam client usually helps.

This is an open beta, as the developers say:

The beta is available for Steam customers who have already purchased the PC version of Legend of Grimrock 2 from Steam, or if you are a brave soul and don’t mind paying for beta software, you can also get immediate access to the beta if you buy the game from Steam now. Notice that Mac version icon is still missing on the Steam store page, it will be added when the final version is released.

However, it is a Steam-only deal, because “unfortunately there is no feasible way for us to handle the distribution and version controlling of beta software on multiple non-Steam platforms.”

Here are the requirements for the Mac version (these may still change for the final version):
– OS: Mac OS X 10.7.5 or later.
– Processor: 1.4 GHz dual-core Intel Core i5 processor minimum, 2.5 GHz or better recommended.
– Memory: 2 GB RAM minimum (may require lowering texture resolution), 4 GB or more recommended.
– Graphics: OpenGL 3.2 capable graphics card, Intel HD Graphics 5000 minimum, Geforce GT 650M or better recommended.
– Hard Drive: 2 GB available space needed.

Head to Steam to grab the game if you have been waiting for the Mac release!

Here is the trailer:

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