Random Cool Video: Roger Wilco and the Radio Waves

Random Cool Video: Roger Wilco and the Radio Waves

Have you ever had someone say something that completely transported you back through time and space and landed you somewhere in your own history, completely out of context with the original conversation?

Today someone used the expression ‘Roger Wilco’ and BAM I was back in my fraternity house in the mid-1980s. A few of us had come in at the start of our sophomore year and almost completely turned over the make-up of the membership, and brought in a ton of enthusiastic freshmen looking to reshape and rebuild something and really make an impact. So gone was the appreciation of the Grateful Dead and certain ‘herbal remedies’, replaced by The Cure, The Police, Dire Straights and so on.

And the local band ‘Roger Wilco & The Radio Waves’ was brought in by someone who had a contact with the band to play at a couple of our parties! They were an excellent live show, and attracted huge crowds. The only listing I can find is of their 1985 History release, which appears to have been long out of print.

But evidently they also made a music video of the title track. It has been more than 25 years since I heard this song, but it still takes me back to a very different time and place! Enjoy!

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  1. Suddenly I’m having Déjà vu! 😉  Youtube can be an effective time capsule; you’ll never know what you might be able to find there.

  2. Yep – thanks for helping this find its way out from the recesses of my brain!

  3. Heh, glad to help.

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