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January 7, 2012 • Gear Bits, Music Diary

Some of the Most Amazing Ukeleles Come from Celentano Woodworks

yes, that’s a ukelele!

I don’t play the ukelele, but I do remember a couple of days spent learning how to tune one back in third grade music class; “My dog has feas“, anyone?

When I think of the ukelele, this is one of the first images that pops into my head …

umbrella drinks, anyone?  via NY Daily News

Followed by this one … Oh Myyyyyy!  =P

I have no intention of picking up a new hobby, even if Eddie Vedder has deemed the ukelele cool enough to release an entire album full of and entitled Ukelele Songs.

And just because I love this song …

Yeah, okay; Eddie is pretty impressive.

So when I found the ukeleles created by Celentano Woodworks, I couldn’t help but wish that I knew how to play. I mean, imagine serenading your beloved on a ukelele that looks like a snail!

Take a look at these other Celentano Woodworks’ ukelele designs …

Yes, those are all handmade ukeleles that Celentano Woodworks will make to just for you, upon your order. They aren’t inexpensive, but they just might inspire you to play more often.

If you need a little bit more ukelele inspiration, take a look at what the new generation of players are doing with their seemingly simple four-stringed instruments …

And how about the beautiful and talented Puffin312 from YouTube’s “Born This Way” Lady GaGa cover?

That could be you! Well, with a magical ukelele and a bit of practice, right?

Are you inspired to play the ukelele yet?

And as a bonus, here is Butch Walker’s cover of Taylor Swift’s “You Belong With Me” — a song that grates on me after having to hear it played into the ground several years ago. But somehow, Butch’s version is pretty much amazing. Fast forward to the 3 minute mark to get to the song; the rest is musician set up; at the 3 minute mark you can expect to be awed by the mandolin (sounding like a ukelele) awesomeness.

You like it, don’t you? You can buy Butch Walker’ song on iTunes if it’s stuck in your head now (sorry for that!).

And yes, Celentano Woodworks also makes mandolins, along with one, two, three stringed  guitars and violins.

 And just to get us back on topic, here’s another Celentano ukelele original …

Yeah, okay … maybe I do want one.

It’s okay to admit it … ukelele playing is cool! And if you want to get a ukelele to create your own musical masterpieces on, be sure to check out Celentano Woodworks.

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  1. Bill Miranda says:

    I love ukes! These are amazing!

    Bill Miranda aka Taxman45

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