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January 11, 2012 • Events

iBike POWERHOUSE Brings a Complete Fitness System to the iPod Touch and iPhone

I don’t know about you, but for me, trying to get into and keep on a fitness plan is difficult. Unless you have motivation, it can be difficult to keep with it. Personally, one way I have found that works to keep motivated is to have a training partner, or use statistics to track my progress. Well, the iBike POWERHOUSE does both!

The iBike POWERHOUSE is a fitness tool which combines an iPhone 3G/3GS/4/4S or an iPod Touch with a hardware device which:

  • A weather-proof / shock resistant patented smart case and sensors
  • The iBike POWERHOUSE app
  • Goal-specific plans developed by world-class fitness expert Hunter Allen

You simply start by setting a goal, such as weight-loss, cardio, or overall fitness, and then choose the corresponding in-app plan. Through the use of sensors, iBike POWERHOUSE will help track your progress and will help you keep on track.

The iBike POWERHOUSE comes with the iSlim fitness plan, and has several fitness plans which can be added via in-app purchase for $9.99 each:

  • iSlimLose weight without dieting!
  • ExpressFitGet Fit A.S.A.P.!
  • Brazilian ButtThe name says it all.
  • Weekend WarriorWork Hard, Play Hard
  • 0-20Get moving and join the group!
  • Heart HealthyPut your heart into it!
  • Kid FITInspired to play outdoors.

The iBike POWERHOUSE should be available soon for a manufacturer suggested price of $269. Additional fitness plans can be added via in-app purchase for $9.99 each.

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