NewerTech Helps You Tear Apart Your iPhone Properly

NewerTech Helps You Tear Apart Your iPhone Properly

I’m not really one of those guys who likes to take apart my electronics to change, alter, or fix things. Don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of things around my house on which I like to work, but electronics, no. So, I’m somewhat in awe of the folks who are willing to do such things. And if you’re inclined to mess around with the internals of your iPhone 4, then you may want to consider NewerTech’s new kit for dissassmbling your iPhone without marring it.

The NewerTech 7 pc. Toolkit for iPhone 4 includes the following tools for easy DIY iPhone 4 servicing:

  • 5-point magnetized driver to access Apple proprietary designed TS1 ‘Pentalobe’ screws.
  • Phillips #00 magnetized screwdriver and two #00 Phillips Loctite® Threadlocker Blue applied screws for optional replacement of  the factory ‘Pentalobe’ screws.
  • Two non-marring nylon ‘spudger’ pry tools with wide and narrow tips.
  • Suction cup/puller for scratch-free display removal.
  • Flexible, slim plastic pick/pry tool.
  • Pointed tweezers for careful handling of small cables and components.

Well, so there you go. Bear in mind I’m not recommending you take apart your iPhone, but if you’re going to do it, do it with the right tools.

The NewerTech 7 pc. Toolkit for iPhone 4 is available for $9.99 from NewerTech’s website.

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