Solar-Powered Lodge Speaker 4 Series 2 Puts Wireless Sound Exactly Where You Want It — Outdoors!

If you’ve ever considered placing outdoor speakers in your backyard or by the pool, you know that most require wires for power, which can be a bit limiting, or you have to bring them inside for recharging. If you’re nodding your head in agreement, you should look at the new solar-powered lodge Speaker 4 Series 2, the first self-charging premium wireless outdoor speaker.

Woman carrying a solar-powered lodge Speaker 4 Series 2 walks down a dirt path leading to a boat dock on the lake with two boys

Crafted by audiophiles, this weatherproof speaker delivers top-quality, immersive sound without the hassle of wires or constant recharging. Designed to fill your outdoor space with audiophile-grade sound, the solar-powered lodge Speaker 4 Series 2 boasts a powerful 50-watt amplifier, expertly tuned ¾” tweeter and 4″ bass driver, a 4″ passive radiator for deep bass, and a high fidelity sampling rate.

solar-powered lodge Speaker 4 Series mounted on the included stakes

Always ready to play, the lodge Speaker 4 Series 2 has solar panels on all sides (for a total of 180 square inches), ensuring continuous charging in outdoor settings. These substantial speakers measure 10.5″ tall by 6″ wide by 7″ deep, and they weigh 7.5 pounds.

The 10,000mAh internal battery stores ample charge, even on cloudy days, and it is complemented by a USB-C option for indoor charging.

The solar-powered lodge Speaker 4 Series 2’s weatherproof design, rated IP66 for dust and waterproofing, includes shatterproof and chip-resistant solar panels, ensuring durability outdoors.

solar-powered lodge Speaker 4 Series mounted on a stake

With LodgeLINK technology, the lodge Speaker 4 Series 2 facilitates the easy connection of two or more speakers for a seamlessly synchronized sound experience. You can create a stereo sound stage by connecting two speakers, achieving pure stereo separation with just two button pushes.

If you really want to go wild, using LodgeLINK, you can connect 30 (or more!) speakers to get full coverage and huge sound in your backyard, patio, and pool using a hub-spoke configuration.

To enhance battery life, the lodge Speaker 4 Series 2’s hardware design includes modifications for an extended “off” mode if they are being stored, and the LEDs have been designed to reduce power consumption.

Weatherproofing enhancements over the first-generation Stereo 4 version involve an overall improvement in plastics, additional UV/water protection barriers, an improved tweeter design, and a rubber cover for the USB-C input.

The solar panel on the top of the lodge Speaker 4 Series

The lodge Speaker 4 Series 2’s solar panels, covering the top, sides, and back, ensure consistent sun exposure for continuous charging. Capturing sunlight at a rate of 2-3 hours of playtime for every hour of sunlight, the speaker supports 15-30 hours of continuous play, depending on usage.

If it’s during the day with full sunlight, you’ll get non-stop playtime; after sunset, you’ll still get more than 22 hours of playtime.

The lodge Sound App, available on the Apple App Store and Google Play, facilitates over-the-air updates. The speaker features the latest Bluetooth chipset, maintaining a connection up to 100 ft away for a single speaker and 30-70 ft for multiple speakers in BT broadcast (lodgeLINK) mode.

solar-powered lodge Speaker 4 Series sitting on a pool-side lounger

Future-proofed with Auracast BT broadcasting technology, the lodge Speaker 4 Series 2 anticipates increased range when the new technology becomes available. Users can connect multiple speakers to create an immersive soundscape in their backyard, though it’s important to note that the distance between speakers decreases as more are connected.

Wondering if you have to buy anything extra to set these up outside? You don’t. Each speaker includes a two-piece in-ground speaker stake and a metal plate for attaching the speaker to the stake. If you want to pick one up and take it with you somewhere else, tiny, powerful magnets at the bottom of the speaker make it easy to pick up from the stake and go!

Built to withstand diverse environmental conditions, from freezing cold (32º F) to sweltering heat (113ºF), the lodge Speaker 4 Series 2 is a durable, weather-resistant choice for outdoor audio enthusiasts.

“No cables. No charging. Just great sound.” Indeed!

The solar-powered lodge Speaker 4 Series 2 sells for $449 and is available now.

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