Samsung Pokes at a Key iPhone Weakness in New Ad

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Samsung Pokes at a Key iPhone Weakness in New Ad Listen to this article

Samsung Pokes at a Key iPhone Weakness in New Ad

If you were to ask a random group of smartphone users to name a feature that Android has that iOS is lacking, while you’d hear nonsense like ‘open’, you’d also hear one message loud and clear: turn-by-turn navigation with voice support.

For me, this is one of three reasons I am still using Android (the others being physical keyboards and something work-specific). I use my Google Maps navigation everywhere and for everything – and it is awesome. I tried using the navigation built into pre-Mango Windows Phone 7 and it twice tried to tack on 30 minutes with inept guidance … and I haven’t tried it since (maybe Dan or Judie can comment on the current state). As for iOS … well, it might be ‘getting there’ – but it hasn’t arrived.

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There are many areas of contention between iOS, Android and Windows Phone, but as of today the navigation system advantage clearly goes to Android. And although I feel the message gets lost a bit in the need Samsung seems to have to personalize the attacks … it is a clever and effective ad.

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