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January 30, 2012 • News

OS X Moves Yet Another Step Closer to iOS

AirPort Utility

If you still weren’t convinced that Apple’s desktop/laptop Mac OS X operating system and their mobile operating system iOS were moving closer and closer to one another here’s yet one more example.

If you have a Mac go to software update and download the Airport Utility update. Once you do you’ll be greeted with a utility that will be rather familiar if you have used the recently release iOS Airport Utility.

AirPort Utility 2

Yes, they look exactly the same and make managing your home network easier than ever.

Now, of course this is not a huge surprise considering the fact that iOS was built on the same core as iOS and Apple added many iOS-esque features to OS X Lion. Still, it is neat to see the mobile and desktop operating systems moving closer to one another one step at a time.

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