Keurig Introduces the New Keurig Vue Brewing System

Keurig Introduces the New Keurig Vue Brewing System

Most of the Gear Diary team and many of my friends know that I love my Keurig machine.  Brewing many different hot drinks from coffee to cocoa, my Keurig is my morning friend, and I’ve even been known to fire it up in the evening? However, there’s one thing that my Keurig can’t do — milky drinks like latte’s and cappuccinos.

Well, Keurig has done it again and brought out a new brewing system called the Keurig Vue.

The new Vue system has many abilities my current system doesn’t have, like being able to brew a Latte.  But with new abilities come new problems;  the new Vue system is incompatible with the current K-cup system.  However, the new system does some things to help with the waste of the old K-cup system.  The Vue cups (maybe they should call them V-cups?) are easily recyclable, which makes it a much more environmentally friendly system than the K-Cup.

The new system also provides control that the old Keurig system doesn’t have.  They promise the ability to brew bigger cups, brew stronger cups and hotter cups as well by letting you tweak the temperature of the water and the strength with a nice color LCD display.

Keurig Introduces the New Keurig Vue Brewing System

Will I be purchasing this new system?  Possibly.  I really like my Keurig, but I do like some of the ideas of the new system.  While I like the new stuff, I dislike that they invented yet another single serve coffee system.  I will buy a new system if it’s actually better or if I have no alternative, like if Keurig were to decide to get rid of K-cups altogether. That would be the best option for me, since I am still the only one who drinks coffee in my house, and brewing a whole pot is a waste. [It sounds like Joel just talked himself into getting one, doesn’t it? – Judie]

This new system should be shipping soon at a pricey $249.

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  1. Disappointed that you can’t use the current K-cups with the new system as it sounds interesting otherwise. I use an ekobrew for brewing a lot of my coffee now. That helps some with recyclability and cuts the cost down. It looks like an adapter could be made for existing k-cups based on what I saw in the video, but that’s still TBD. I like the ability to brew a larger cup of coffee as well. I have an older model and I get small or large right now.

    I’m also the only major coffee drinker around the house so see the usefulness, but I think it would also be prudent to wait for the first real consumer reviews before buying one of these.  (also wait for some sort of “use your own coffee” type adapter)  Still, it looks interesting and if it works well, I can see the appeal.

  2. Could not agree more. I see this as a way for the company to get back to people buying only their cups rather than all the other cups that various companies are now making.
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  3. I’m glad you mention the new cups – because THAT is why we are seeing this.  They make a nice play with the recyclability … but really this is just a desperate money grab as there is a move to generic cups.

    And if anything this would make me MORE likely to get a current system – right now you pay the equivalent of >$51/lb for decent but not the best coffee … when the cup patent expires you will be able to get much better deals.

  4. I tend to not look at things as a cynic from the get-go but this one screamed out to me that this has a huge business subtext. My thought process- Could they have made the new system work with the old style… Of course. So why did they make it use new style cups?
    (cash register sound)

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  5. Most K-Cups are still licensed from Green Mountain who owns that patents.  Those are expiring in Spetember….hence the new format.

    I am disappointed in this too.  It seems, to me, they could have made it compatible. 

    I give it a few weeks until someone has an adapter to fit the existing ones in there but as they are consumable, it would have a limited life.

  6. By the way…I did like Judie’s comment at the end of the article.  🙂  

    I still don’t know if I’d buy one.  I guess it all depends on how easy it is to get the new cups in varieties that I like and if I like any of the new ones.  Right now, all the current ones I use look to be on board with exceptions of some of the fairly recent additions like Swiss Miss, Folgers and Starbucks.  

    I’d love to review the new system though! 😉

  7. We went through a number of different single-cup brewing standards before settling on K-cups since they’re so ubiquitous these days.  Having lots of options from different brands was a big selling point and a big improvement on the older standards, since none were really supported by a lot of different coffee makers and coffees.  If we’re going back to a number of different incompatible technologies I will be very disappointed!  Besides, our current Keurig coffee maker already supports different size cups and (somewhat) different temperatures.  Other than some frothy drinks, I’m not sure I really see an improvement here.  And if frothy drinks is the big deal, I’m sure someone will figure out how to do it in a K-cup.

  8. Honestly if you want frothy drinks, buy an espresso machine. They are around $300 for a low end model and it’s not that tough to make lattes with one. And the result will taste significantly better than whatever a k cup spits out.

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