Music Smasher Searches Across Streaming Music Services

Music Smasher Searches Across Streaming Music Services

If you are contemplating signing up for a streaming music service, or are unhappy with the one you are using, chances are one major consideration is the music library. While ‘music discovery’ is all well and good, ultimately we all want to just want to listen to music.

Now we hear of a new service developed by Matt Montag called ‘Music Smasher’. As the screen at top shows, you simply enter some terms and the site searches across all of the major streaming services.

According to Montag:

“I developed it to simplify the task of searching across Spotify, Rdio, Grooveshark, MOG, SoundCloud, and Bandcamp to find out who has the music you like,” writes Montag. “Results are almost all linked to playable tracks.”

And that is definitely true – when I clicked on ‘Snowfall’ on Rdio or ‘Joy Spring’ from Grooveshark it brought me either into a playing stream or right to the play button. Of course, my search of Emily Remler also revealed something else. Sadly, only ONE of her seven albums is still in print, 1988’s ‘East to Wes’. There are a few songs available on collection CDs, but that is it. The wonderful ‘Retrospective’ 2-CD set that I would otherwise recommend to anyone as a great way to explore what she had to offer is out of print … but that never stops Grooveshark! It is a reminder of the fact that Grooveshark remains piracy central …

Head to ‘Music Smasher’ and check it out!

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