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March 9, 2012 • Music Diary, News

Free Album ‘Electronic Encounters – The Special Edition’

Electronic music can get rather ‘spacey’ or ‘sci-fi’ at times, but this takes it to new levels! Electronic Encounters – The Special Edition is a compilation of electronica tracks inspired by the classic film, Close Encounters Of The Third Kind, and the collection is available for FREE!

Head here to check out the song ‘Believe’ by Logan 5:

Here is the synopsis of the inspiration:

Back in June 2001, I went searching on the internet for anything relating to Close Encounters of the Third Kind. What little I did find was not very impressive. It was then that I decided it was probably my responsibility to do something about it (obviously not having anything better to do with my time!). This website is a labour of love that turned into a huge monster, not wanting to do anything by halves.

Now, to celebrate the 30th anniversary of this classic film, CE3KONLINE is back following an absence of four years.

If there’s anything you’ve always wanted to know about Close Encounters of the Third Kind (referred to by the abbreviation CE3K for most of this site), there’s a 99.9% chance it’s here. If not, just get in touch ( by clicking ‘CONTACT’ on the main menu page) or pop over to – the definitive online Spielberg fansite.

Head to the BandCamp page and grab the collection for free!

Source: Synthtopia

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