What Do You Do When the Internet Is Down?

What Do You Do When the Internet Is Down?

I’m not going to lie — this looks more like the way I behave than I’d care to admit; okay, minus the crying in the mirror part.

My family can tell you that when I am trying to edit or write and the internet goes down, I am an absolute pain in the butt to be around; grumpy and moody and prone to random curse word outbursts. It’s not pretty. I’m almost as bad when our WiMax internet service is hiccuping and slower than usual. Anymore, I try to leave and go on a long hike when this happens, but sometimes … I just can’t walk out the door, and I’m stuck in this vicious pacing and refreshing loop. I’ll eventually end up on the couch reading, but don’t think that I’m not trying to connect over my iPad’s wireless, albeit at GSM/EDGE speeds which can be just as bad. Ah, the joys of running a website.

Am I the only one who does this? =/

26media via Leandro Toledo on Pinterest.

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