Pottermore Store Now Open, Harry Potter eBooks on ‘Sale’!

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Pottermore Store Now Open, Harry Potter eBooks on 'Sale'! Listen to this article

Pottermore Store Now Open, Harry Potter eBooks on 'Sale'!

In what is a huge surprise (as it isn’t yet April), the Pottermore Store opened up today to the public including ebook versions of all seven Harry Potter books. As noted at the WSJ, the ebooks will spread to the Kindle, Nook, Sony and Google Play shops (but not Apple):

By selling the e-books on her own site, Ms. Rowling will keep most of the revenue, rather than sharing much of it with her publishers as is usually the case. Several major retailers will have the opportunity to participate. Mr. Redmayne said that Harry Potter fans will be able to buy the digital books via links on bookstores operated by Sony Corp., Amazon.com Inc., Barnes & Noble Inc. and Google Inc. In those cases, the digital editions will be downloaded directly to the Sony Reader, Kindle, the Nook and Google Play from the Pottermore site. The retailers will get a cut of the sales.

Please do not confuse ‘on sale’ with ‘discounted pricing’, but rather use the older connotation of ‘available’. The first three ebooks are $7.99, with the last four at $9.99, and a special collection price of $57.54.

To check compatibility, head to the Pottermore FAQ.

Will you buy them now? Will you wait for the Kindle/Nook specific editions? Or has it just been too long? Let us know!

Head to the Pottermore Store for more details or to grab the ebooks!

Update: You can go to Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Sony or Google to buy for your device – but the purchase directs back through Pottermore and you’ll need an account there as well.

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