Missing some Zzzs? Try zsnuz Nap App for iPad/iPhone

It’s a curious thing, perception of Time as a child as compared to that of an adult’s. As children, Time was a thing without meaning as we played and played, until our parents found us and compelled us to take a nap. Suddenly Time became a precious commodity, now subjugated by cruel Afternoon Nap rudely interrupting fun. As adults, however, Time can seem to be a slave under the domination of the twin temporal tyrants Responsibility and Obligation. Meeting deadlines, raising children, maintaining a home and so forth devours our time and more than a few beleaguered adults wish for a short respite from the busy day, to step away from the tumult into the welcoming arms of our former foe turned savior of our bodies and minds, the Nap. zsnuz from DoubleMan Media and available for iOS devices, can help users find that napping Zen with its sole purpose of helping users carve out a peaceful niche of rest.

You’re already sleepy so why mess around setting alarms and snooze buttons? zsnuz brings you 6 pre-set nap timers that countdown with a single touch. Activate 1 or 2 snooze times before you nap! No more fumbling to hit a snooze button … zsnuz gives you a fadeout snooze gong that automatically rolls-over for “no touch” snoozing! And don’t forget to activate the ambient sounds for maximum chillaxation. zsnuz is the easiest nap app on the planet!

  • 6 fave nap times are all pre-set for one-touch access … all customizable too!
  • Double snooze!  2 “no touch” back-to-back snooze options, also customizable!
  • Mystic gong alerts you snooze 1 and 2 are counting down and fades away
  • “Chill” turns on default ambient sound (multiple white noise options) or …
  • Play your own background music from iTunes and press any nap time
  • Pause your nap at any time – just press the countdown window for on or off
  • Hit reset when the alarm goes off and you’re all ready for your next nap!
  • Example is a 40 minute nap, with a 15 minute snooze, and chill sounds are on

Want to take a 10 minute cat nap? Just tap the “10” under “nap time”, lie back and in 10 minutes zsnuz will sound the chose alarm tone and (hopefully) rouse you from your short slumber. Tapping the “chill” button will play the chosen “chill music” for the duration. Users can also  tap either or both “set snooze” durations as well. How this works is that when the nap time has expired, the alarm tones will play but quickly fade away, so users don’t have to fumble with hitting any snooze buttons while resting.

To customize the app users need only tap the Settings gear icon:

Here users can change the choice of alarm tones and chill music, as well as specify or change the preset defaults and snooze times. Simply touch the desired item and a screen with a dialer of choices will appear and users will be off in no time to the Land of Nod.

zsnuz is a clever little app, ideal for users who’d prefer not to meddle with their native alarm apps, and as zsnuz functions independently of the iOS alarm settings, can be used at a moments notice without worrying about other alarm setting conflicts.

zsnuz is free at the App store for iPhone and iPad.

Try it for yourself, and see if you can’t round up some quick Zzzzzs.

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