Teach Me Sushi for iPhone Sounds Tasty

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Teach Me Sushi for iPhone Sounds Tasty Listen to this article

Teach Me Sushi for iPhone Sounds Tasty

I’ve flirted with making my own sushi, but I can never seem to get my rice just right or my rolls just so. If you are in the same (sushi) boat, then here’s an app that might be able to help.

The new app offers helpful tools and over 45 minutes of instructional videos demonstrating how users can make advanced sushi rolls in their own homes. The Expert offering takes the lessons a step further, teaching users to create advanced rolls including Shrimp Tempura, Volcano Rolls and Spicy Crunchy Tuna Rolls.

Teach Me Sushi for iPhone Sounds Tasty

And just like that … I am now craving Spicy Tuna and Spider Rolls. 😛

Teach Me Sushi Expert is available in the App Store for $4.99

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