Nokia Lumia 900 Now Available for Pre-Order from AT&T

Nokia Lumia 900 Now Available for Pre-Order from AT&T

For those chomping at the bit for the Nokia Lumia 900, AT&T is now offering the phone up for pre-order on their website. Retailing off-contract for $449.99 or $99.00 with contract, this has been a heavily anticipated phone in Windows Phone circles. For me, this device will mark my departure from the Android realm for the first time in nearly two years, so I am very excited to give the Lumia 900 a whirl.

Sporting a 4G LTE, a 4.3″AMOLED screen, Carl Zeiss optics with an 8 MP primary camera with dual LED flash, autofocus, a 1 MP front camera supporting video calling all powered by a 1.4 GHz processor, this promises to be a superb Windows phone. Current color scheme is Cyan or Black, with White appearing on April 22.

You can hop on over to AT&T’s site and pre-order the Lumia 900, here.

Link: AT&T Nokia Lumia 900

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7 Comments on "Nokia Lumia 900 Now Available for Pre-Order from AT&T"

  1. I’m debating whether I will pay for this in full or just use an upgrade. I’m excited about this phone! =)

    • Well … Since windows phone is a no show on Verizon I get to save money for a while …

      • We saw the Lumia 800 and 900 in New Uork last month and, at the time, I thought I liked the smaller 800. Now… Not so much. The 900 looks fantastic.

        Most likely written with Siri. Please excuse any and all errors.

    • Francis Scardino | March 30, 2012 at 10:13 pm |

      well, you can get it for nothing with upgrade due to the fact that the undercutting has begun. Wal-Mart (letstalk wireless) I believe has it for $50 with a $50 rebate. Probably does not help your decision at all but is an option and maybe easier to get there than ATT. If TMO had the 900, I would get it hands down. 

      • That’s amazing for hardware like this. Because it really is amazing hardware. Amazing.
        Sent from my iPad

        • Francis Scardino | March 30, 2012 at 10:36 pm |

          yup, and for me being a total hardware/spec snob, this is surprising. the fact is that i cannot get over the overall look and feel of the hardware itself. the specs are nice, but not exactly “current” in today’s standards. not that it is not still a killer setup, but I never thought I would really care that much about a single core phone that fits more in the 2011 standards. I really never held a phone that topped the aesthetic look and feel of the 900. Ever.

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