DropcamHD is the Smallest WiFi Camera on the Market

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DropcamHD is the Smallest WiFi Camera on the Market Listen to this article

DropcamHD is the Smallest WiFi Camera on the Market

I have been thinking about setting up some sort of wireless camera at my house to help monitor my home’s security. There’s a new one that will let my wife and I check in on our house at any time, right from our phones.

DropcamHD promises easy setup and loads of features that makes it a really cool option.  DropcamHD has a cloud based DVR and many features that may make it nice not just for security, but for other uses like monitoring your baby’s room.  Oh, and they also say that DropcamHD is the smallest camera of its type on the market, so it shouldn’t be too hard to put this in a place where it can stay hidden from anyone who might want to steal your valuables.

DropcamHD is available now for $149 direct from dropcam.com.

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