The Cure for a Bad Day

The Cure for a Bad Day

I had a bad day today. Nothing terrible, but it started with a dog that popped out of nowhere to harass me during my run, continued with me nearly falling over trying to avoid the dog, followed up with severe traffic on my way to work, and of course, computer problems in the office. Plus my ankle is a bit sore from the dog incident. Poor Sarah has gotten the bulk of my complaints about today, and when I got home from work she presented me with this list from Buzzfeed, “Thirteen Simple Steps To Get You Through A Rough Day”

You really need to read the whole thing (ESPECIALLY if you are having a no good, very bad day), but here’s a taste:

The Cure for a Bad Day

This picture was the moment I finally started to laugh a bit. 🙂

Head to Buzzfeed for the full list, and let us know in the comments which is your favorite!

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