Satechi WTR-A Wireless Timer Remote Control Shutter Now Available


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I got so busy over the last day that I have not been able to take the time I need to begin learning how to use the new DSLR that arrived yesterday. That does not, however, mean that I have not been on the prowl for the best accessories to outfit the camera. That’s why Satechi’s new WTR-A Wireless Timer Remote Control Shutter caught my eye. The new timer remote is compatible with most of the advanced Canon cameras, including the new Canon EOS 5D Mark III. (No, it does not work with the camera I bought but there is a solution. More on that soon!)

So why would I want something like this? As the press release for the product notes:

It is the ideal solution for time-lapse and action photography including capturing blooming flowers and astrophotography.

The Wireless Timer Remote Control Shutter can program multiple tasks including delaying the capture of a photo, managing exposure time, setting a shooting interval and organizing a number of shots from up to 50 feet away. Additionally, the remote is handy for taking images of subjects that are difficult to approach while using minimal vibration such as scenic or animal photography.


The Wireless Timer Remote Control Shutter has a time remind speaker that offers a beeping alert that counts down the seconds until the shutter will fire. It also features a release signal lamp to indicate that the timer has been set. The signal lamp’s red status indicator indicates that the shutter has begun countdown or is on hold while the green means the shutters has been released. The wireless timer’s LCD screen also features a screen illuminator to facilitate photographers taking images in a dark setting.


The Satechi WTR-A Wireless Timer Remote Control Shutter is available now for $59.99 and can be purchased at and

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  1. You missed this kickstarter project that would have been right up your alley, which is a remote trigger fired by an app on your iPhone or Android phone.

    And Canon owners have a completely free alternative, Magic Lantern, which is alternate firmware that does stuff like motion triggers, time lapse, HDR, etc. It’s the firmware that should come standard on all Canon DSLRs.

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