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April 5, 2012 • Gear Bits, News

SAS Brings Hardcore Statstical Graphing to the iPad with JMP Graph Builder

If you ask a statistician with an iPad what app they would love, chances are you would hear ‘a mobile version of R, Minitab or JMP’. We know the folks at R have wanted to do so, but their command-driven interface and GNU license are at odds with Apple policy. And while there is nothing forthcoming from Minitab (who don’t even have a Mac version), today we got a new and powerful tool for interactive data analysis on the iPad – JMP Graph Builder.

Here is the basic description:

Analysis on the go. Graphs at your fingertips.
JMP Graph Builder is the best way to view and explore JMP 10 data tables right on your iPad. Create, edit and view graphs wherever you are with the same Graph Builder engine found in JMP 10, the desktop statistical discovery software from SAS.

Get started:
•Send a JMP 10 data table to your iPad via email or iTunes File Sharing.
•Access a web page with a linked .jmp file.
•Organize data tables in the gallery.
•Make a new graph by dragging variables where you want them with live updates.
•Switch between chart types by tapping in the palette.
•Explore your data with pinch, zoom and pan gestures.
•Fine-tune your graph with style and color choices.
Share your work:
•Share your discoveries via email, PDF, iTunes or Copy/Paste.
•On an iPad2, share your work using Airplay or a Dock Adaptor.

I have only worked with the app for a short while, but have already found it extremely powerful – you share your data file from your desktop version of JMP, and suddenly you have all the interactive graphing and analysis capabilities of the JMP Graph Builder on your iPad! It is an amazing tool … and it is FREE! Of course, it is only useful if you are already a JMP user, at which point you or your company have already made a considerable investment in the software.

Head to the iTunes App Store and grab JMP Graph Builder … but only if you already have JMP!

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