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June 28, 2013 • Gaming, News

‘The Shadow Sun’ iOS RPG Hits Beta, Will Release This Summer

The Shadow Sun

The Shadow Sun

I have previously written about the upcoming epic action-RPG from Ossian Studios ‘The Shadow Sun’. Ossian developed the best ‘Premium Module’ for the original Neverwinter Nights, one that introduced the concept of a personal citadel amongst other things. They also produced the only ‘Adventure Pack’ for Neverwinter Nights 2, and are now seeking to produce the first original true-RPG experience for the iPad that will appeal to hardcore gamers and more casual players alike.

‘The Shadow Sun’ has been delayed for some time to focus on the iPad experience and other details, but Ossian has now announced that the game has entered beta testing and will release this summer.

The screens below give you a flavor of what the game looks like at this point, but as for the gameplay we will have to wait for a while. I cannot say any more until the game is released, but based on their track record I have no doubt that Ossian will deliver! If you are a RPG fan, this is definitely one to watch closely!

The Shadow Sun 07

The Shadow Sun 08

The Shadow Sun 09

The Shadow Sun 10

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