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April 7, 2012 • eBooks, Music Diary, News

Grab the Entire Synapse Magazine Archive Online for Free!

For so many magazines, unless you kept a copy for your archives the past is gone. Countless magazines and publishers have struggled and gone under in the internet era, and particularly in the latest economic downturn. So it is great when you find an online archive … and even better when it is a legitimate one set up by someone with a great history in the industry!

Cynthia from Cyndustries has set up an online archive for Synapse magazine. Synapse was one of the big electronic magazines of the late 70s, though it faded away much sooner than Keyboard or Electronic Musician (yes, I know they still publish and I still subscribe … but it isn’t the same magazine from 30 or even 20 years ago). You can find the entire issues to browse online from cover to cover.

Evidently this isn’t ‘new’ news, but it is something I hadn’t come across … which I think is true for many musicians and electronic media fans. And really … just check out the hand-drawn wired brain of Robert Moog from the cover of one 1977 issue in the image above!

Head to Cyndustries and check out the Synapse archive!

Source: CDM

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