Final Reminder to Support Dan on Zinio and Help Foundation Beyond Belief Charity!

Final Reminder to Support Dan on Zinio and Help Foundation Beyond Belief Charity!

As you might have read here, Dan is entered into the ‘Biggest Influencer’ contest at Zinio. Each day (well, 24 hour period) you can enter a new vote at Zinio and help him win the vote and by doing so gain a $2500 donation to the Foundation Beyond Belief Charity! Great cause, great way to help out – and all you need to do is click a link! And now we are into the final week – so this is a reminder to hop on to Zinio every day this week and support Dan!

Here are his details:

Here Is A Little About Me:
Hi, I’m Dan Cohen, Gear Diary’s Senior Editor. I’m a native and current resident of New Jersey, a Duke graduate (and avid Blue Devil’s fan!). I’m a husband, a Reform Rabbi and a lover of toys gadgets technology and productivity tools.
My Zinio library is never missing a copy of:
MacWorld, T3, Home Theater, Paper, Mother Jones, National Geographic, Car and Driver, Rolling Stone, US News and World Report
I use Zinio on these devices:
iPad, Mac (iMac and MacBook Air), iPhone, I will have it on the PlayBook when the app is released
My favorite Zinio feature is:
I love the ZINIO UNITY feature that allows me to have all my magazines on all my devices. It is cross-platform and that means I’m not locked into any one company’s devices.
The charity I am supporting is:
The Foundation Beyond Belief

Final Reminder to Support Dan on Zinio and Help Foundation Beyond Belief Charity!

The ability to simply click and potentially help a great cause is reason enough to drop a link on your browser toolbar like I did (otherwise I’d never remember!) But there is another benefit – YOU might win a prize! Here are some of those details!

Every single day that the contest runs, if you vote you’ll be eligible for the following prizes:

• 5 one year subscription to VIVmag (annual retail value $9.99)
• 25 $5 Zinio bucks (no cash value)
• 1 $50 Zinio bucks (no cash value)

Each week that the contest runs, beginning March 16, 2012 and for each of the four Friday’s after, the following gifts will be awarded.

• 1 $100 Macy’s gift cards
• 1 $50 itunes gift cards

On April 16, 2012 three voters will be selected as the winners of:

• 1 $250 in Best Buy giftcard
• 1 Canon PowerShot SX150 14.1MP Red Digital Camera, Bag, Tripod & 8GB Memory Card (average retail value $229.96)
• 1 New Dell XPS 13 Ultrabook™” (average retail value $999)

But the best part is that if Dan is chosen as the “Biggest Influencer”, a donation of $2500 will be made to The Foundation Beyond Belief charity!

The contest vote is open until April 16th, so add the link to your browser and click every day to help Dan win!

Head to Zinio and Vote for Dan!

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