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April 19, 2012 • Reviews

Your Tablet Needs to Clean Up Its Act, Qmadix Smudge Free Can Help

Your tablet is dirty. Dirty, smudged and a mess. That’s what happens when grubby fingers are constant tapping, poking and sliding around on it. Seriously, it’s a bit gross. That’s where the Qmadix Smudge-Free Dry-Foam Cleaning Kit comes in. The kit

is formulated to safely clean your device from smudges, dirt, grime and makeup. Our dry foam formula utilizes smudge-resistant properties that help minimize the transfer of most smudges.Smudge-Free is safe for mobile devices, computer monitors, televisions (Plasma, LCD and LED), E-readers, tablets, keyboards, household electronics and more.

Each kit includes a 3oz can of cleaning foam and two 10″ by 10″ micro-fiber cleaning cloths that are treated with DURABAN EPA No. 85798-4 for extra effectiveness.

The cloths are machine washable up to 50 times before they will lose the effectiveness of the Anti-Microbial treatment so you can use each kit for a good long time and, along the way, keep your tablet neat, pretty and clean.


• Safely cleans mobile and household electronics

• Leaves no residue or streaks

• Anti-Static and dust resistant

• Eco-Friendly formula contains no CFC’s.

• Allows for airline carry-on (Check for any restrictions or changes)

When I saw the cleaning kits I was a bit skeptical but I tried it on my iPad and an exceptionally dirty keyboard and it worked like a charm. Then Elana complained about how dirty her iPad was. I handed her a cloth and the can of foam and said, “Try this!”. It worked like a charm.

The kit is $14.99 and can be ordered here.

MSRP: $14.99

What I Like: Works as promised; Two different cleaning cloths included

What Needs Improvement: Some folks have issues with anti-microbial treatments




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