Is Amazon Spying on Me?

Is Amazon Spying on Me?

I know I buy a great deal from Amazon, but I am starting to think they have hidden cameras in my house! You see, back in January, I ordered a box of KIND bars for our trip to Costa Rica. We figured with all the flights, layovers, and bus transfers in our travel schedule, we would need snacks.

As it turned out, we didn’t eat all of them, and I unearthed a bag of leftover bars while cleaning out my suitcase over the weekend. I stuck them in the pantry and promptly forgot about them. Until Monday, when I returned home from work and discovered Porter the Dog busted into the pantry and chowed down. Needless to say, between wrapper bits around the living room, and wrapper/bar parts that we (unfortunately) re-encountered with Porter later, we’re kind of done with the KIND bars. Good thing the dog ate them all.

Now, remember, I ordered these in January, and it is now May…and today Amazon sent me this email:

Is Amazon Spying on Me?


So, either Amazon has us on a hidden camera and knew we were out of bars, or Porter hopped on the computer this morning in an attempt to order more of his new favorite treat. Either way, it is some freaky timing!


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