If You’re Not Using Amazon Music, You’re Missing Out!

Do you have Amazon Prime? If you do, you probably take advantage of Prime videos and certainly use the free shipping. But it seems like Prime Music tends to be the forgotten child of Amazon’s services, especially in the face of competitors like Spotify, Pandora, and Apple Music. But Prime Music is free with Prime subscription, and it’s rapidly improving!


I admit, I tried and abandoned Prime Music fairly early on, since it seemed like the catalogue was thin and the service was, frankly, a bit buggy. It would have difficulty connecting in areas where other services were fine and combined with low inventory it wasn’t worth trying it. However, I am cheap and couldn’t justify paying for Spotify, so I started browsing Amazon Music to see if it improved. To my surprise, Amazon had expanded their offerings quite a bit; I have found that at least 85% of the time if I randomly want to hear a song I can find it on Amazon Music. Stability also has improved immensely, and my connection issues disappeared. What really surprised me is that they even have a handful of more obscure options, like Le Tigre, as well as a decent backlist of more popular artists (I had a very random urge to listen to Eminem the other day-don’t judge-and found the song I was thinking of right away).

What really got me excited, though, was Amazon’s playlists. They’ve done a great job at putting together curated lists by genre, and I am pretty much in heaven having discovered their “90’s Alternative” playlist, which is basically my entire musical taste in 50 songs. My wife had to make me change clothes the other day because she said “No one’s dressed like that since 1994”, so I feel good knowing even if I can’t layer my t-shirts I can still rock out to Nirvana, Cake, and even one-hit wonders Lit! Most importantly, Amazon Music is free with my Prime membership, so even if I can’t find every single artist, I can find more than enough of them to keep myself entertained and commercial-free. I’ve said many times I don’t listen to enough varied music to justify a subscription to a music service, but as a bundled part of another service, Amazon Music is absolutely perfect for me!

Have you checked out Amazon Music lately? Were you as pleasantly surprised as I was?



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  1. Totally agree – when Amazon Prime Music launched it only had about 1 million songs, and in my preferred genres (various non-mainstream jazz and experimental music mostly) it was horribly thin. But even then it worked well as ‘family playlist’ music – much like we do with Slacker or Pandora.

    Since then it has greatly expanded and broadened … and while I still go to AccuRadio for my jazz fix (seriously, their selection of obscure stuff is just nuts) we have Alexa in our house playing a variety of Amazon music on a regular basis!

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