Sip a New Take on Water with Tyent’s UCE 9000 Turbo Water Ionizer


Image001Our house in New Jersey is served by well water; in fact, the only “public” service we get is electricity. While we do get our water tested every few years we had concerns that, between tests, anything could happen. As a result we installed a Reverse Osmosis Filtration system. This gives us clean, safe, filtered drinking water. The RO system is nothing exciting, and it lives beneath the sink. The only hint of it is the special spout that sits next to the main faucet. Tyent’s new UCE water ionizer is another way to filter water. It, however, is meant to be seen. Add in the fact that it has tons of tech built-in and… well, you know… it caught our eye.

As the company release notes,

A blend of design, technology and function, the Tyent UCE 9000 debuts a new turbo function, which gives the ability to produce water in a wide range of pH levels, from alkaline to acidic. Nine distinct multiple dipped platinum coated titanium plates conduct 375 watts of power with the turbo setting, helping to create highly-oxygenated, antioxidant  rich alkaline water that can be used for drinking and cooking or strongly acidic water that is best for disinfecting and sterilizing; each water level has its own output spout for easy use.

First in the industry to debut an automatically controlled SMPS Plus® method power supply, the Tyent UCE 9000 uses built-in CPU chips to automatically control and find the optimal operating condition of the unit, using flow rates and water quality. The UCE 9000 also debuts a .01 micron ultra double filtration system, featuring a carbon and ceramic filter to separate unwanted and wanted minerals, to produce the optimal level of water purification.

The unit is controlled with its big, beautiful color LCD touch screen that displays various functions including current pH level (separated and displayed by a seven color system), filter replacement status, temperature and filter life.

In addition, the Tyent UCE 9000 has an antibacterial system, offers automatic cleaning and automatic water flow. All this comes at a price. All this comes at a price — $2700 or so. Then again, form, function and “Wow!” cost. Details can be found at


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